Units' skin customizations for different cultures

Hello to everyone! With the expansion I came back playing to AGE II DE. I think that a step further the game could make is a customization of common units for culture: they all seem european, and not representative of asiatic, mesoamerican, african and middle eastern civilizations, and this, with the definitive edition, is more clear than ever. I think they shouldn’t change completely, just a small detail - an helmet, a symbol - to differenciate them but at the same time being recognizable. What do you think?


I’m fine with new unit skins so long as its optional and only affects the person using them.


Devs should really take note how many people want this.


Ye i would love to play ethiopian/mali with people having black skin color and some skin change for theyr unit also it would be so much cooler. Maybe add some graphic DLC where you add more graphic customisation for each culture. In my opinion it would be the next huge step for this game and of course a option where people can just desactivate it and see classical graphic


I agree. There is a mod called [Omkar] Historical Units Reskin. It is very nice and also has black villagers for African civs. You can have a look of it here Age of Empires 2: Definitive Editions # MOD # [Omkar] Historical Units Reskin All Nations - YouTube.

However, perhaps the change is too much and then gets hard to recognise the units. As you said, they should have a small variation, like just the helmet, or pants. I would love to see at least different villagers skins. For military units just changing there helmet would make sense. Eagles civs infantry looks the most awkward at the moment


Devs don’t care. Hint: Unique Castle for their favorite civilization only.

Come on devs, Starcraft 2 has skins too and It’s free money for you. Just sell a skin pack per architecture.


Meh that mod has already been deleted or unlisted. Better to have official unit skins.


I made a similar less extreme propose Civilisation crest on generic units

They should at last change it in that way that the units of different architecture sets are technically using different sprites even if they are practically the same so they can be modded to use different sprites without having to make a data mod.

But yes, seeing white European soldiers in Aztec or Ethiopian armies just looks wrong.
They could change the skin colour at least.
Ships have unique sails already so that wouldn’t be something completely new.


I saw the video and I think this mod, even if it’s a nice idea, is too extreme, it would be a problem to recognize the units. I think that only precolombian civs should have a more important skin change, eliminating armors and shields, for the resting civs, small details on like helmets and pants should be enough. And, of course, black skin for African civilizations.


Asian armor and weapons look european to you?


Yes, they do… an asian helmet, symbol, would make a difference

You would just need unique skins for civilisation blocs - West European, North European, South European East European, Central Asian/Mongol, Arabic, East Asian etc.


Exactly. I’ve just played a game with Aztecs, the units with common skin for all civs break the immersion. I think it should be addressed.

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Make unique unit skin DLC
DLC can be enabled/disabled in options.


I would like Japan to be unique.

TBH, if the devs put into this they will need to charge for it, It wouldn’t be cheap and it wouldn’t be quick
It will take sometime to make all the designs and maybe people won’t like it to much (a lot of people already complaint about the DLC to expensive for what it have)
It would be great, I will pay for it but I don’t think the game need it

i think the game need it

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You don’t need skin customization to play the game, it would great to have it but you don’t need it
The game needs to fix the bugs, reduce the lag, improve the rank system (1v1 and TG), those kind of things


I am sure all the bug fixes will keep coming if we keep supporting the developers (that is with positive response and buying the expansions.

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