Units upgrades - no information

Sometimes, when u wanna build something or upgrade, there are informations what is going to change and how. More health, faster rates etc. Why there is no informations about units upgrades? There is only info casual unit is going to change into Hardened Unit.

I dont know money spent on it is worth gold or not, more hp, more dmg, how much higher?


yeah this is kinda annoying

I had to do custom games to check the unit stats

in this case spearman goes to 90hp/0meleearmor/0ranged armor/8damage +16vs cavalry; age 3 its 110/0/0/9+18; age 4 120/0/0/10+22

I think theres also a spreadsheet online with all this stuff but it should all be avaiable in-game


Yeah, I had to create a custom game with high resources just to see what exactly are the stats.

Not ideal. At very least it should be somewhere in the “Learn” tab of the game menu.


We need a much better tech tree.


Agreed, this has been one of my main complaints. There is tons of information missing that should be in game. Hide it behind an “advanced tooltips” setting if they must, but it needs to be accessible.




100% agree the tech tree leaves something to be desired


We need something like this: https://aoe2techtree.net Easy and nice to read.


Does game developer read this? How send it to them? No facebook/email contact anywhere…

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I agree with you on this.

It’s pretty annoying, and I’m on the same boat when it comes to the tech tree. It feels lacking in several ways.

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Just use the excel I’ve linked above, it’s pretty awesome and includes almost all the data you guys need.


I’m sure they will if the post gains enough traction.

In the meantime, everyone should comment and like if they agree with the post to get it more attention.

While useful, external resources are not ideal when this information should be presented to you in game.
No disrespect to your efforts, but I don’t want to look at spreadsheets to understand the effect of certain upgrades or research, nor should I have to.

This doc is not mine, I agree with your claims, we should have this in-game.
But meanwhile, it’s the best you can get, I check stuff in it all the time, it’s very accurate and clear to me how this guy made it.

Something like this?


it’s a beta for now.

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Yes, I dedicate its own thread to it a few hours ago New web: AOE 4 tech tree in AOE 2 style :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think the best tech tree layout in age series is this:

I hope someone does something similar.

AoE2’s or AoEO’s are both way better than AoE4. The vertical layout they went with in AoE4 puts way less information on the screen and requires way more scrolls and clicks to see the things you want to see. It is a very strange decision to me. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

The tech tree is atrocious. From the UI to the tooltips.

At a glance, can someone tell me what this does?


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