Units with banners

Hi guys, I have discovered a way to make units with banners using triggers. It looks better with some units, but the flag always blows in one direction. I was wondering if there was a way to do the same but using other flags in the game.


the pikeman looks awesome… you can make a totally different unit called "banner carrier " or “standard carrier” with this


How did you make the flag appear?
I assume it’s the garrison flag, but it doesn’t appear for me even when a unit is garrisoned.

Put a transport ship on land. Garrison a relevant unit (Pikeman or whatever) in it. Use a trigger to remove the ship. Play the game. The flag is attached to the unit. You have to do this for individual units.

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Unfortunately I can’t recreate this effect

I place a tship on grass. Then I put a unit inside

Trigger 1
Condition 1 timer=10
Effect 1 remove object (transportship)

The ship is gone. Even the unit, which wax inside is just gone. No banner =(

You need to use the replace object effect instead.

  1. Place a unit in a transport boat
  2. Have a trigger replacing the transport boat with the unit you want to hold the flag
  3. Remove the unit that has been placed inside the transport boat by trigger

Now you have a unit with a flag attached.


Awesome. Thanks. Works now

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Hi,long time to see you,bassi,what’s your next scenario?Looking forward to it!

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