Units without soft shadows, incomplete death/decay animations, missing cheat unit graphics

Game Version:

  • Build (35199)
  • Platform (Steam)


  1. Most units have soft shadows, some units don’t.

  1. The crocodile’s death/decay SLPs have only one direction.

  2. The horse archer’s decay SLP only has 30 frames which makes the dead unit invisible in some directions.

  3. The cheat units are still using the original SLPs from 1997. Since we are currently celebrating the Age of Empires Definitive Edition Anniversary it would be nice if you could remake those cheat units (You even have remade the photon man for AOEII DE but not for AOE DE?!).

Please fix this with the next update, I’m looking forward to it.


I agree with you especially on the cheat units, aoe 1 de in comparison to its successor receives a minimal part of updates and bug fixes, required features such as flare, spectator mode and trigger after two years from launch are still not present :expressionless:. I also hope that ms makes updates that improve the state of the game, at least for those few players who still play it


Please fix this.