Unofficial AoM:EE Bug List (Post-Beta)

Hi all,

With the help of quite a few community members (Hagrit, Flame, Ippert, Loggy, LightningStorm and others), we put together a (hopefully) complete list of current bugs and issues that are in the game. Some of the most common community requests are also included in this.

My hope with posting this list in this way is that the franchise team at Microsoft gets reminded of just how bad of a situation the game is in. As a reminder, there has been a petition asking to properly fix the game for the last 3 years. This current patching effort is a nice first step, but it’s not even remotely closing in on what the community has asked for. Please step up to the task and do better.

The bug list may be viewed on Google Sheets

If there is anything that isn’t covered in this, or is wrong, please reply here so that we can keep it updated.


Thanks for putting the work into this! I love when the community comes together for things like this. Makes our lives easier. I’ll make sure it passes the devs eyes.


Hotkey fix and _anim files fix are the most important ones for me.

Has the F6 bug been fixed yet?
In a online match, occasionally, when you press F6, everyone in the match gets kicked out.

It’s been fixed - have you seen it in the current beta?

I haven’t been able to play the game recently.
I’m relieved to know it’s been fixed. Thank you.
And thank you devs for fixing it.

Added a priority 1 issue regarding Salamander pathing - they ignore cliffs and walls when manually targeting enemies.

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Well, that looks kinda cool and should stay in the game. Just update the description for War Salamanders!

Added prio 1 issue: Game might crash on load screen, and everyone else who was in the lobby gets stuck on the load screen. Exact repro unknown, but more likely to occur in big lobbies.

In order for AoMEE to regain any population is for Microsoft to realize that tiny updates that only change balance, and a few things (that marginally improve performance and stability) aren’t going to work, and fixing AS MUCH of the bug fix list should be the goal.

Alas, MS won’t realize that anytime soon, and AoMEE will die a slow death, probably intentional, they want to deny fixes to AoMEE on the pretext of “We’re just gonna end up making an AoMDE, No point fixing AoMEE”

Added tons of issues, mostly regarding Chinese asset models. Thanks to Chickenland for sharing these issues.

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