Unwanted items on background

Hi there,

I’ve some really annoying flying balls on my AoEIIDE Background. But I’m not able to disable them :thinking: I’ve got them with one of the competations (spring?). But how to remove them? Any ideas?


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of cause I do have a screen. But I’m not sure if that problem is visible enough. It is like a snow storm from left to right :confused:

think that’s left over from the loading and normal screen

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It’s gone! Wonderfull. that was what i was looking for.
Thank you very much, Juggernaut.

I’ve been looking around the Board, but searched with the wrong key words.

Btw beautiful background image you have. Which mod is it?

Age of Empires II DE: Age Of Empires II DE Better Menu Special Intro www.age4all.com


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