Upcoming Balance change

I think we can call it +1/+2 armor patch.
Burmese BE armor reduced to +1PA long ago as they could take 320 arrow shots which was insane. Now they got back where it was!
Sicilians knights with their 50% bonus damage reduction was the only knight that could beat camel (Lithuanians with 2 relic excluded). They could kill monk with “First Crusade” research and now another +1/+2 armor. And devs still consider them an Infantry Civilization? Agreed with extra stone though. In fact I proposed +50 stone at the start couple of months ago. +100 maybe too strong as they can build a donjon and a TC with the starting stone.
Agreed with Lithuanians. Leitis cost and stats should be adjusted a bit. 70f/50g → 65f/60g. PA 1->2.
Finally a Chinese nerf. Very welcomed.
Cumans buff. Maybe a bit strong considering their Feudal TC. Need to see. I would propose -50w for all military building.
Finally free Town Patrol for Byzantines. Thanks a lot devs.
Lastly I think Bohemians is getting both free gold mining and gold shaft mining upgrade for free. Malians will be a nerfed in early game and buffed in late game. I’m not sure about that.

And a buff for HC and ESL at last. Much appreciated.


Were the notes posted and immediately removed? Can’t find them anywhere and your link is no longer valid.

Well apparently it looks like the patch notes were leaked , and it’s obvious that they didin’t finish it .

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Just noticed that and edited my post with Szaladon’s one. You can read all changes there.

Leitis with the same output attack than a paladin in castle age with relics :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

Meaning that their winged hussar will be a just a magyar hussar with less hp, but same 9 attack.

But the byzantine change its amazing, all those guys should be very happy now, cause that will change byzantines in both 1x1 and tg, they soon will exchange indians on team games and mayans on vs, cause you know that tech is so powerful, than it gets skipped in most games :clown_face:

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I cannot see the changes anymore, any link for that?

Looks like mods have taken down them. This thread may disappear as well.

Seems we are just a few who know the changes.

You think theres more changes?
We ll wait for them shouldnt take long

all the changes are on reddit

Lucky enough to see the changes. I think Lith food reduction should be kept. Blast furnace? they can keep it. Leitis should be unchanged. I’ll love CUMANS tho. They’ll be super mobile (even more nowO

Cumans will be really interesting. Will wait for full post but very interesting

  1. So none can take down them anymore.

They’ve deleted that one too.

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I see. I wonder if they will fire the person that leaked it too.
Edit : Waiting for removing this thread as well.

Really hope not but is a possibility.

Let’s hope they’re gonna revert malian change (+30% longer lasting gold mines while removing free gold mining).

How to screw the identity of the funniest and most balanced civ in the game for absolutely no reason


I really see no reason to change that one except historical accuracy but that was always a bad balancing argument.

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I don’t get why sicilians would get a buff on their knights. Doesn’t make sense to me.

i’m guessing the devs finally realized that civs need something more then just halb siege as an option - unfortunately they chose go with knights.

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