Upcoming DLC Dawn of the Dukes --will this get fixed?

Hello guys!

I just read about the DLC.
There is a video stuttering issue for many people, which exists for a long time. It was not even fixed with Lords of the West. Hopefully it will be adressed now.
I made a new bug report to bring that back:

For me this is the most annoying thing of all, because it persists all the time.
But I feel that crashing to desktop or the TG ladder is worse for most.

This is how I come to general questions about the new DLC:
Do you think there are people working on the backend of the game?
Or is it just an artwork crew making new models/campaigns and selling it in volume?
What do you prefer, more content or making the game finished and more feasible for esport?

Let’s bring some popcorn!

So assume we won’t get any updates or fixes until August?!

If you consider changing some unit stats to be an update, or rerolling to the old but odd ranged unit accuracy, then… yes.