Update 14.7908?

The bottom number of the game is changed, but there was no release of the update log. Is it an update for bug fixes only? or early release of a PUP beta build?

I noticed something was changed because Kanuri Guard hits cannons harder than before.


i hope abus is nerf at least 5% resistance
also eagle knigth should be nerfed 5% resistance


kanuri guard multi against artillery has been x3 since atleast last patch so that isnt the change

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Really?? You cant be serious


Lets make them 0 resistance, Otherwise will be non-stop complaint.

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all units now shall have 0 attack and 1 hp, the game now is a tower defence

yes, in team games playing otoman is such as advantage, they are vey cheap and very strong, in age 2 they are 1.5x a skirmisher on damage, they just need to be protected very well.

and eagle knight are stronger that a skirmisher, they won 1vs1 versus a skirmishers in treaty

i dont knwo if they need nerf but they are almost unkillable

the only way to beat those units is surprises attack to community plaza, and i dont know how to beat abus gun

We dont play the same game then. An aztec player wont win anything by just spamming ERKs, as they hadnt never before. Im tired of hearing that aztecs win battles by just spammins 1 single unit when we are the only ones who use their full roster not like:

  • USA marines and volunteers

  • China chu ko nus and qiang

  • Japanese ashis

  • Caroleans

  • Hausa Maigadis.

Have you tried musketeers?? I guess not. Its mostly impossible to stop musks plus canons as aztecs lose number superiority

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complete what combo would you use on a combat with this civs in age V?:
rusia: streleets and jeager instantly created, aztec eagle knight and arrow knight, inca chimu
japanese: french: sweden:



They are the MOST COMMON CIVS IN TREATY, are you blind? That civs have a complete roster to counter anything

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why didnt you just answer the question?

ERKs and AKs are countered by skirmishers, you dont need any other unit. ERKs cost more, AKs too while cost 2 pop. Aztecs dont get factories and their estates are worse than europeans, so they will run out of eco faster fighting that way.

PD: You choose all 3 civs with more military pop than aztec, literally the easiest ones as they lose number superiority

it doesnt answer the question either…

Cuál es la pregunta? Porque no sé qué es lo que quieres que te responda. Franceses, Japoneses y Suecos tienen unidades para parar a los águilas y los flecha más que de sobra.

forget it, leave it like that

ERK + AK, you can defeat that combo with:

Japan: ashigaru, samurai or yumi spam.

France: Halberdier, musketeer or guerrilla spam.

swedes: carolean spam.

you don’t even need a combo against that combo; a single unit spam is enough.

Can you try pure ERK to counter pure skirm once by yourself and post your record here?


with French and swede team cards :upside_down_face:


abus gun is very very powerful, it makes twice damage that an skirmisher since age 2. And has around 5 cards to buff it. To rank on team games, one player must use otomans for the team dont be on disadvantage