UPDATE 15 58326


I must confess that I am a bit disappointed with the content of this patch. I was expecting more, especially since it was announced as a big patch. And, besides the three new maps and some cards that were added, it doesn’t feel that big to me.
I, like many peolple here, was expecting at least some new DLC announcement. And the final section of the patch notes leaves me even more disappointed. We will not see any new content, at least for a while…


Mortar, Morutaru, Captured Mortar: Can now target units with a barrage attack inflicting 30/19/25 siege damage in an area of 4 at a range of 30. Artillery, cavalry, shock infantry and economic units receive 60% less damage. Barrage attacks benefit less from cards improving the attack range of these units.

… No way…

Looks like we won’t be getting any new civ DLC anymore.

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There is not even a tease for the next update time?

What’s on the Horizon?


  • A Special Event
  • More balance changes, more bug fixes, and more fun!


I’m still encountering performance issues on a high-end PC when playing online or LAN multiplayer vs AI. I already reported that issue and it seems that it still occurs.

Do you plan fixing this?

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There is a day and night cycle now.

But yes. I think the devs are currently too busy with AoM. I hope we will get a DLC after some time. Australia and southern Africa are still waiting to be conquered by Persia


I would not be too fast to give up. Knights of the Mediterranean was released 1 month after the last African map was released.
And currently we have quite some European maps left:
Iceland, Malta, Gibraltar, noth sea, black sea, Caspian sea, Ural mountains, Wales, Balearic islands.


Don’t expect high hopes, just maps.

Dunes – The Eye is map from this update (from The African Royals dlc).

I’ll be honest, with everyone saying DLC this new civs that I was a bit worried there’d be something crazy showing up to add a whole host of new issues when a whole bunch just got resolved. Nice to have a big update just focus on adressing alot of existing problems and letting the game sit for a bit.


But dunes the eye is a special version of the dunes map, no? I was referring to all maps hinted in the loading screens.

I can take a short break from new civs.
But the game has not received any new real sp content for a year.


I’m disappointed that the past rewards are just cheats/two skins from late updates and no profile pic unlocks…Just make an event for past rewards like AoE2 did please :slightly_frowning_face:


Devs love this game. Thanks for this patch and everything.:star_struck::star_struck:


Shame there aren’t more AI changes. I didn’t think the AI deck building was that big of an issue.

The other stuff sounds pretty exciting though! Buffalo Soldiers!


Agree. They really should work more on the AI


Great update, really pleased with most of the changes and best of all increased amount of fish in the sea on several maps.


One of the World’s Edge reps on discord acknowledged our request for more AI refinement for perhaps in future patches it will come to fruition.