Update 15.59076


Great update, especially for historical battles, I just tried the Battle of Algiers and it looks great, more immersive

In fact, and I have wanted this for a long time, I wonder why the USA had access to the Gatling machine gun from the beginning, it should only be available from the industrial, or even imperial, era, given that it This is a Civil War Invention, located at the very end of the AOE3 timeline
In the era of commerce, it was especially the time for the US of the war of independence, I would see more the falconet and I would replace monted artillery maybe from industrial era by Gatling gun


Yeah I get that comment. I guess as it’s a unique unit canon it’s present as soon as the non-unique version (falc) would be, though it does seem out of place in that campaign. If I had my way it would be an Industrial+ only arty with them having access to Falcs still, but it might convolute their arty roster. Which could lead to Brit players wanting access to Heavy Cannon, Ports to Falcs, etc

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fulani archer range still 17 hotfix when

Pillarless walls are gonna make a comeback baby!!! Lol

But with all seriousness, 10w walls means I’m upgrading them and deleting the pillars. No question about it. It’s only -500hp on bastion walls for not having pillars, and it’s ~ -50% of the wood cost.

Even at 6 wood per I saw a lot of people taking the hp hit to save the wood. But at 6w there was actually a choice. Since I’m not anti pillarless walls, a level where either has its advantages wasn’t bad imo. Now it’s just more mandatory than before.

This won’t be fun giving siege samurai and ottoman grens. Maybe British grens too now…


put this in report-a-bug for sure

Walls have had a bad design since they were invented. The only really good thing is that it does not require building by quadrants like in older AOE.

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At this point walls should go back to TAD version.

Now they feel worth less, which means that you need more layers to do something while for no reason siegy units like samurais get buffs on siege capabilities.

The game survived 15y with previous walls, the DE anti rush changes are the problem not the walls. DE was the one who moved the meta to turtling age IV

Hi I am wondering if anyone else is having the same issue as myself. I have been playing the game for some time and never had this issue, then suddenly today, the game wont allow me to open my saved game, it seems that the game has updated to version 100.15.59076.0. I have no idea why this would have suddenly happened. I have got a long way into the game and don’t want to have to start again. I am really hoping someone can please assist me.

So they had a new nerf for inca in patch vs pup, jungle bow poison nerf. When are they stopping nerfing inca?

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I now have the Chinese explorer and Marianne from the French, but Francis Drake & the Dutch Prince are still locked for me. Can anyone help with this?

Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for fixing whatever issue under-the-hood was messing with team AI. I used to have to wait for ages while the game tried to write an encyclopedia to my hard drive every time an AI was eliminated in a team game. I suspect it was a crash/memory dump cycle. Whatever it was, it is now fixed and games are much less frustrating.

Also, clearly something is different with the AI, so kudos for the continued efforts to make better. I’m not sure precisely what’s different yet, but it’s definitely playing differently, rushing less, overbuilding units early less, and trying to be more responsive. AI is a beast to get rid, so I appreciate ongoing efforts to improve.


i mean, i was excited with this little change so i wont be instantly melted by salteador’s extra range anymore. I guess i’ll have to wait a little longer.

Why not increase the cost of walls with the wall upgrade, 10w for walls in age 2 is rough but fine for age 4.

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Now they just have to fix the Rangers and Abus with 22 range in Age V.

Why no Otto nerfs, I thought there might be hope if there is a small nerf every patch. Now those small nerfs are just a joke.

Thank you for the small but much-needed Mexico nerfs.


  • No small Otto nerfs. Why not?
  • No small USA nerfs. Why not?
  • No real Dutch nerfs. Why not?
  • No real Malta buffs. Why not?
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Unclear instruction. Ottomans buffed. Azaps now do more damage to Light Cavalry.


The change from 2% to a 1% shipment penalty AND adding a 1 falc & 1 mortar is actually pretty big for Malta.