Update 15.59076

Malta needs late game buffs too.


Remove the handmortars from samurai.


no, but must be balanced

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There is no way to balance that on the samurai, except you weaken the samurai again to the point of never used again.


It’s literally the tiniest buff this game has ever seen. I guarantee you the Age III card won’t be used much, Malta is too busy stuck in defense to make it useful as a card slot.

That was not the “buff” Malta needed to make it competitive. It’s still exactly as lackluster as it was before.


No man
Only nerf the base siege attack and bonus vs buildings

  • add a resources cost and make it available only in IV age
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All they need to do is have it increase the RoF to 4. Problem solved.


Again that won’t fix the problem of a pikemen speed grenadier with no weakness to cavalry. Regardless of RoF or a nerf to siege damage. esepecially since the later then only forces players to always pick the card.

I hear range 40 age3 anti building artillery is good vs non culv civs but i guess a civ with super musk shadowtech units a mega cannon and depots cant find a way to defend it?

Fr this is a nice change but the core issue is scaling civs like malta are tough to balance. Malta is weak to ff but scales like no other. You cant have malta be weak to nothing but also scale. Tbh i think the whole civs needs a redo patch like other civs got. Too much dud cards mixed with insane cards just needs ironing out. Until then this card at least gives you some tricks to force.fights vs mid.map into your uber cannons and buffed units. Doesnt solve the bad matchups but will be used.


Do all spanish ships get the “Training Ship” tag after sending the Armada card?

The tag change is associated with the Portuguese “Naval Infantry” card. As far as I’m aware there’s no tag changes associated with Armada for Spain. I haven’t tested what ships Naval Infantry affects.

It was mentioned that they get the transport ship tag. And that the tag cancelled out culvs dunking on Galleons due to the multiplier from the last patch.


Hay errores aún persistentes de los parches anteriores, No todo lo que publican en sus resúmenes aparece en el juego.

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Avísanos que cosas encontras, así podemos avisarle al desarrollador de esa clase de errores, que figuran en las notas pero que no están aplicadas.

  • Advanced Artillery (III): Now also sends 1 Mortar.

I think they should change the bonuses that this card gives to the following:

In addition to unlocking age 4 artillery, it enables the grenade launcher upgrade ## ### ####### and gives you an artillery foundry construction wagon. Also enable grenadiers if you cannot create them by default. Mortar and falconet eliminated.

The grenade launcher upgrade apparently will never be integrated into the advanced arsenal card, but integrating it into this card would not be a bad idea in my opinion.

Did they make the hunts more scarce with this patch? It seems like on all of the maps I can’t get any food anymore, I’ve switched to playing Dutch for that reason. I don’t like it, I prefer having the hunts we used to have. It unnecessarily favors civs who have ways of getting around a lack of hunts such as civs with resource enclosures.

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Why can’t I write ‘arsenal’ in a forum that is about a war video game? What nonsense.


Because the 4 first letter of Arsenal is censored, especially if it start with “In the”

Now I’m going to ask the sensor if him can modify it.


I want to propose some cards for the Argentine revolution.

New card proposal.

Card Name: 1810 - 1852
Effect: Enables Capitol to be built and send a capitol construction wagon; enable the following technologies for the revolution, Cadets, Brigadier General, Peacemakers and Estancieros. (Estancieros allow gauchos to gather speed of 8.0/s)
Card Cost: 1810 Wood, 1852 Gold

The card has several purposes, firstly to strengthen San Martin and secondly to encourage the use of gauchos in livestock farming. (Currently they are only used in combat, which is a shame) :pensive:

Card Name: San Lorenzo Veterans/Veteranos de San Lorenzo
Effect: Grenadiers get +30% hit points and attack
Card Cost: 850 wood, 850 gold

This card seeks to make Horse Grenadiers a true equivalent to the Imperial Grenadier. (Currently, due to their cost in terms of population, they do not give enough war) :pensive:

Card Name: Arsenal Monasterio
Effect: Ships 1 Arsenal Wagon; Flint Lock, Paper Cartridge, Military Drummers, Pillage, Professional Gunners, and Trunion available at Arsenal; technologies are free.

I honestly think every rev should have at least the advanced arsenal or an equivalent card.

If it’s not too much trouble, you could give the revolutionary and the gaucho a unique look.

I suggest taking these images as a reference. :slightly_smiling_face:

The creator of these skins is SealingEar046, I thought they were great and I hope they are taken into account.

PD: I maintain my opinion that making the hat smaller and perhaps adding a pocho to it makes the gaucho perfect.