Update 15.59076

Thank you. Appearing in the game’s credits, even if it was for a single unit, would be a dream.
Finally, they uncensored my username.
I remembered that although this Patricio was done, I didn’t upload it, and that left me thinking about the Revolutionary. What civilizations and revolutions deserve a unique revolutionary and do not have one?

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The South American revolutions that do not have a unique revolutionary are Argentina, Brazil and Chile, but I couldn’t tell you which one deserves or can have a unique revolutionary. :pensive:

PS: Ironically I think that if Chile and Argentina had a revolutionary with a unique name and appearance, Brazil’s revolutionary would be unique without the need to make changes. :laughing:

Los 3

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Honest question, how many people use the English cattle boom? I ask because they have a lot of cards that promote livestock, but I don’t remember anyone complaining and saying they are broken for that reason.

Rare Cards.

Ironically, the Argentine revolution would benefit greatly from these cards, especially because before becoming the breadbasket of the world, our greatest export was sheep wool.

PS: It would be wrong if I ask that Peru obtain these two cards plus the one that allows producing Llamas.

Cards for Peru.

image Llama Ranching: Livestock Pens can train Llamas

image TEAM Wool Staple Ports: Herded animals fatten 20% faster and 20% faster when tasked to Villages, Livestock Pens, Haciendas, Farms, and Livestock Markets; Indian herded animals generate +20% XP; Japanese herded animals generate +25% resources/XP when tasked to Shrines

image Fulling Mills: Villagers gather food from herded animals 300% faster

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Mounted Grenaderos are actually super strong.

When playing British (in a treaty games) I use all four Age 1 livestock pen Home City Cards: Team Wool Staple Ports, Fulling Mills, Ranching, and Stockyards. With decent micro this can largely carry your economy before the fighting begins.

Outside of treaty games I sometimes use a few of these, alongside the infinite 7 Sheep and 1 Homestead Wagon card. This can really help speed up the jump from Age 2 to Age 4.

I’m not fused about giving those South American Revs some of the livestock pen cards, however I don’t think they should get Fulling Mills as that would be too powerful in my opinion.

I don’t agree, but if you are so concerned, the cost of the card I proposed could be increased.

Interesting, thanks for the information. :slightly_smiling_face:

To be fair, Peru is probably the worst South American revolution, their flagship unit is poor compared to the others and is difficult to train in large numbers. In this specific case I don’t think this breaks the game.

Additionally, Mexico has the Barbacoa card, a card that does the same thing as Wool Staple Ports and Fulling Mills but automatically, so I don’t think giving Peru this tool will break the balance of the game.

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Let me clarify. Mounted Grenaderos are really strong when massed and paired with gauchos.

Well, that’s a basic mechanic of the game, combining units to get the most out of them, it’s normal for them to be strong together. (I think the developers did an excellent job in this particular case)

Yea so they don’t need a buff.

You know what, I take it back, the Italian version is much better than I originally thought, maybe it requires too many pre-revolution cards, but it’s just as good as the Spanish version. :slightly_smiling_face:

PS: If I had to add something it would be the Refrigeration and Cavalry Combat card, I think this change would be enough.

Developers, I demand that these cards have a 5% chance of giving you 10 Gauchos and 9/10 Mounted Grenadiers. (I have no logical reason, I just want to see this come true :laughing:)

I feel like this update was kinda meh, to be honest. Neither worthy of praise nor scorn.

In the arsenal!
Thats the one?