Update 36906 - Ranked Pre-Made Team math

I’m not sure if this is a typo or there is a more complex formula for pre-made teams but saying you are using the Sum vs. Average is the exact same thing… Hopefully there is a complex formula just not shared but it if it a straight sum or average of four players the math is unaffected by the equation change described below

During last week’s maintenance, several fixes were implemented to improve the multiplayer experience:

  • Implemented improvements to how ranked teams are formed. When searching for a match as a pre-made team, the system was inadvertently using the sum rather than the average rating of all party members. This resulted in the system creating imbalanced matches.
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It was using the sum in some cases, and the average in others, I think it had to do with pre-made teams vs random teammates.

Team games are more balanced now than before, although I wonder if they plan to fix the ELO scaling so that the ladder somewhat mirrors the ELO values in the 1v1 ladder.

My point is the sum and average of four people is always the same. See the example below.

Changing it from sum to average or vice versa doesn’t change the math


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I understand what you’re saying.

The bug that was fixed was that it was using the SUM for some teams and the AVG for others.

In your example, that means that some teams were entering matchmaking with a team rating of 5000, and others with a team rating of 1250 - even though they were technically equivalent, they would never match together.

But ELO doesn’t even go that high… You would just sit in queue forever without finding a game if your group was listed at 5k.

I don’t read the patch update the way you described

ELO doesn’t have an upper limit.

You’re right, the update notes were vague, I’m going off of what was posted in one of the threads here regarding the matchmaking algorithm by one of the devs, I wish I could find the thread, they explained it more thoroughly.

I think what they mean is that instead of teams being balanced based on the total sum of their ratings and having a wide range, they are now balanced around the average of their ratings (give or take 200, let’s say).

An example of the previous match play might look like:

1800, 900, 900 (randomly paired)
1200, 1200, 1200 (team that came in together)

An example of a match now might look like:
1300, 1200, 1100 (randomly paired)
1200, 1200, 1200 (team that came in together)

So basically having the upper and lower limits closer to the average.

Because they didn’t go into it in detail, I don’t for sure know if that’s the case, but that’s the only way I could wrap my mind around it.

For me it says the pick avg for one team, sum for other team.

This result in 1000+1000+1000 -> SUM 3000 -> One team
2000+2100+2200 -> AVG 2100 -> other team

Since there were no team close to 3000, it picks some pretty high team resulting in a team of pros vs a team of noobs. No fun for anyone.