Update/Mod suggestions

Here are some ideas for things I’d like to see in DE2 (definitive edition 2; what I call AoE2: DE).
Some of these could be mods, but some have to be changes that the Forgotten Empires would have to make:

Idle Farm Markers: An indicator of some kind that shows which farms are A. not exhausted and B. Hasn’t been harvested by a villager in the past 5-10 seconds (so that they don’t show up while a villager is walking to/from a TC/Mill).
Click-&-Drag Construction: The ability to hold down a key (such as Ctrl) to build a line of buildings (houses, barracks, etc.) In the same way walls are built. The RTSG Supreme Commander lets you do this.
Unlocked Diplomatic Options Re: Resigned Players: Even during locked team games, once a player has left (loss, resignation, disconnect), you can change your diplomatic stance towards that player. This means you could “ally” a defeated opponent so that your units don’t engage their units/buildings and instead engage active enemy units.
Auto-Tribute Upon Resignation: While in a team game, if you leave the game (loss, resignation, disconnect), your resources you’re holding are automatically tributed (slung) to your allies that are still in the game. There would be variables for the game designers to determine:

  1. Market required, market not required (so if you want your opponents to not get the resources of a player you’re attacking, destroy their market as a priority)
  2. Percentage of resources sent – fixed at a low percentage (example: 50%), based on Coinage/Banking research (70%, 80%, or 100%), or always 100%.

All i want to do is hold down a modifier key and have the ability to select multiple buildings by making a selection square.

@RedOrbTalon Hi!
I was wondering are there such modes now since you posted this?
I am a big supporter of the modification that can make the farms more visible (having sharper outlines) or make it clear, if they are not being used. The other ideas are very cool, too!

Something that’s kinda funny is that most of these features are in AoE4.

  1. Farms in AoE4 regenerate crops, so when they’re full they’re clearly not being actively harvested.
  2. When placing buildings, the game will find the closest spot to your mouse to place the next building; not the same thing as click-and-drag, but in some ways better
  3. When another player is eliminated, their units’ color changes to white – so your units ignore them unless you specifically tell them to attack.