Upload specific files within mod?

Currently whenever we upload a mod, the whole mod folder is zipped then uploaded. Even when I just make just a small edit to .dat file which is of 2mb only, I have to re-upload the whole mod of 400mb! Also the subscriber suffers as for every small update he has to re-download all the files! Steam workshop used to verify modified files and only uploaded them. Is it possible to get the same system here?

@DodoNotDoDo Is it possible?

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what kind of mod is 400MB? how come so big

This mod: https://www.ageofempires.com/mods/details/1732/

Graphics files take a lot of space, especially enhanced graphics.
My Visible Corpses (Enhanced Graphics) mod is probably the biggest mod currently :smiley:
It was very tough to even upload it due to big size causing problems on server side.

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