USA Consulate Idea

I thought I would try thinking what a USA consulate would look like. I think there was a similar thread for a Swedish consulate for China a while ago. I don’t really expect one will be implemented I just thought it would be fun to think about. Here is what I came up with.

I think it would make sense as an option for Japan since USA ended Japan’s isolationism but it may be pushing the end of aoe3’s timeline a bit. Maybe it may work for another civ?

Consulate Armies

Age 2 400 export:
4 Washington’s Legion Grenadiers (without the grenade launcher/incendiary grenade techs)
Alternatively maybe 7 state militia but that is probably too similar to 7 crossbowman

Age 3 800 export (balanced around 1400 resources I think)
9 state militia + 6 regulars (1440 resources)
I initially thought of having an army with a gatling gun but I thought 1 gatling gun would be underwhelming and 2 could be annoying to play against. I thought basing it on 54th Massachusetts Volunteers card would be better instead.

Age 4 1600 export (balanced around 3000 resources I think)
4 gatling guns + 10 carbine Calvary (exactly 3000 resources :slight_smile: )

Brigade 2300 export (I’m not sure how it is balanced I think it’s around 4500 resources?)
Maybe 15 Magyar hussars or culverin + Carbine Calvary or culverin + sharp shooters?

Consulate techs
250 export → ships 2 trade post wagons
350 export → ships 8 cows (8 cows have 1/3 the trickle of 30 sheep so the tech is a little more than 1/3 the cost of the Dutch livestock pen. Saving for the Dutch bank is likely the better option early on)
600 export → ships 2 rice paddy wagons and increases the Line of sight for rice paddies.

The techs have a theme of wagons which USA is known for with the one outlying tech being the cows and USA has various cow shipments. USA has many defensive options like outpost spam, forts, coin mines, and minutemen/marines however I don’t think it would be good to give Japan more defensive options that would mitigate some of their weaknesses and make them more annoying to play against.

Consulate bonus
This was the hardest thing to think of. I kept coming up with things too similar to existing consulate bonuses. Some Ideas I had:
Villagers 20% cheaper (with constant production from 1 tc it is on par with a 0.8 food trickle)
Villager hp and attack increased by 20%
tps generate 15% more resources (maybe too similar to Nanban trade)
Water military attack buffed by 7%
Buildings do 10% more damage
Buildings get 15% more hp

Many of these ideas are probably half baked and the developers have better things to do than create consulate options that only work for 1 civ but it was pretty fun trying to come up with one. Much harder then I initially thought it would be lol

It is not a bad idea, I think that if one day they added Italy as a new civilization, together with Sweden and the United States, it could be the 3 new consulate allys for the 3 Asians.


the only asian country that would like, feel historically tied to the usa would be korea, right? I know wars of liberty gave korea the American consulate

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I was tying it to Japan because of the USA forcing Japan to sign a treaty in 1854 that established some trading ports Convention of Kanagawa - Wikipedia
Though shortly after that European nations like Britain and France opened Diplomatic relations so adding a USA consulate is probably almost as much of a stretch as giving Japan a British consulate.

I don’t know too much about Korean history but from what I could find it sounds like diplomatic relations between USA and Korea started in the 1880s so it may be even more of a stretch then Japan.

So either way sadly it is probably too much of a stretch. Though on the other side I think Portugal only traded for ~50 years before the isolationist policy forced them out so maybe it’s enough idk.

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japan was opened up by the USA and the USA was part of the 8 nation alliance in china.

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