Usually kids dont play this game!

Age of Empires 4 is rated by PEGI at 12 and above, and by the ESRB at T for Teen. I don’t think changing this by adding additional blood and gore is really an option after the game has already been sold. Besides, I like how it looks. I would say AOE4’s graphics are most similar to AOE2. They seem less cartoony than AOE3, AOEO, and AOM.


They are woke, they are thought what is gender identity in their school.
It is different generation and are completely different.
In California it is worse.
“Very few kids are capable of this kind of game” is more appropriate way of description.

“Kids today can’t play strategy games because of gender identity!”

I find it genuinely offensive that people this unintelligent exist and we’re not allowed to do anything about it.

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What a dumpster fire of a thread lol.

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Honestly, do you really want a bunch of children playing this game? I have played enough Apex and COD to say that hearing little kids yell into the mic all game about silly things is not really appealing. The population for this game is pretty good for an RTS. Every time they release updates or new content there is a noticeable bump, so it is not like that many players a permanently leaving.

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expected in part becaus eth egame is not fun and not interesting to play itself that it bored an big portion of the old playerbase and by thta the younger potential ones

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It has been fun enough to get me to move permanently from AOE2 to AOE4. This is something that AOE3 and AOM were unable to do. It is sort of silly to push your opinion as fact. Different people are going to like different things. I know plenty of new players to AOE and old players that have really enjoyed this game thus far.


also can be said to the ones that didn’t liked it and moved back to their og rts or aoe thats is not 4 in this case

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All this means to me is that there isn’t a lot of 18 and under in reddit.

Alternativly every good user of the internet has hardcoded in its DNA to never say that he is under 18 :upside_down_face:

Also cartoonish graphics aren’t a kids only thing games from WoW to pokemon are played by people in their 30’s and alternativly plenty of teen’s will play at very gory games.

I have no problem with RTS complexity, the problem I have is learning a high a mount of factions, if you play online you need to know what are the strengths and weakness of all races (those are not empires anymore) time to play is limited after you are on your 30s, game like homeworld, company of heroes, StarCraft, tempest rising and some years ago age 2 as well, you need to learn few factions (age2 factions were very similar ) after the addition of variants civs it became even more difficult, so I am not going to waste time on age IV, that an also graphics/animations are not my taste.

I think to this day all the siege have the same boring animation when destroyed…

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No they don’t they are pretty busy playing fornite and minecraft


Minecraft came out in 2009, buddy.

Is Minecraft actually still popular among kids? I thought it was played in basically all age groups

Oh yeah, it’s still popular. Age trends don’t skew too differently over time, barriers like difficulty and age appropriate content set a floor, but games like minecraft are kind of immortal because of things like public consciousness. For example, minecraft has sold the most copies out of every game except tetris, and tetris only recently had someone reach the kill screen for the first time, and that person is a minor.

Since minecraft has a low barrier of entry and presents a creative exercise that can be accomplished solo we’ll be seeing that game stick around in younger demographics for a long time. Similar to that example, age of empires will more than likely always have a younger audience (in some number, not always majority) for the same reasons the series always has. Main difference is multiplayer, but if kids are still kids (it’s a little strange to think children fundamentally behave differently through generations) then they are focused on single player and custom rather than ladder climbing.

Thats the thing: Minecraft is played in basically by all age groups, BUT, specially by Kids.

Thats the same with AoE-IV: Is played basically by many age groups, BUT, specially by fans of the Franchise → Many who played AoE II or AoE III–> Which is a game with more than two decades of released → Which is the reason many of the fandom has more than 25 years.

I still believe that the survey is poorly done to declare in a Post that children do not play this game. As “igniteice” said:

  • “The survey is wrong because asks “How old (do you think) are the players of AOE4 player base?”, and not your age in the game”.

Furthermore, AoE-IV Reddit page is generally writted in English… the majority of children, young people, or even adults in Latin America do not know to write or read English, so voting in a poll in English the less they will understand.

As my final words:

  • If the game’s fandom remains as popular as AoE II, the children of today will be the adults of tomorrow and will continue to be fans of AoE IV in two decades or more (2030, 2040, 2050). How many DLC and seasons would be released in that time?

If you really want to dig into statistics then it’s better to go with a valid source of info anyways, internet polls have a lot of ways that they can give bad info, but taking data from professional tournaments helps understand demographics for serious ladder type play.

Take for example the liquipedia page on statistics for age of empires games: Statistics Portal - Liquipedia Age of Empires Wiki

While most of the players are above the age of 20 there are many players who started playing under the age of 18 and play at the professional level. It’s indisputable that this game has players at ages below 18 as well as those above it. And this is for tournament level players, it’s above my paygrade to understand casual player statistics, but I have a very hard time believing that players don’t exist between the ages of 12 and 18.

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I just simple can’t imagine an adult playing Minecraft, if so probably has issues.

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Or they just like the game because it allows you to be creative? Just because it has kids and teenagers as the target group it doesn’t have to mean that it’s exclusively played by them.


as an adult you can likely, talking from experience, do things a kid may not think of trying


LoL. says the guy posted pointless statistics, then you searched up some tournament player statistics then found 2 kids that are 18 and saying the game got a lot of teens LOL

You just proved the poster’s statistics on Reddit.
I don’t know how someone could be so biased in their life.

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Well, said!!!
You just said what everyone was afraid to say, because there are many active minority with highly biased opinion.