Usually kids dont play this game!

You can pour through the data yourself, not dissimilar from the testimonies from several people in this thread, many of the professional players started to play professionally at ages as young as 13. You have to basically intentionally ignore the fact that people play video games at ages younger than 18 to believe that children are not playing age of empires. It’s a confusing conversation to have considering most people who play video games don’t go professional, and they don’t start as adults!

The people you play games with don’t just sprout of the ground…


I’m highly doubtful that people were “afraid” to say this as imho it barely holds any truth in it but instead is highly biased.

Now they are not 13.
Are you okay?
We are talking in present time. They are older now, and the present younger kids who play this game are not more than 20% at the maximum. It is less than you are expecting. I personally tried really hard to teach AOE4 to younger kids and their opinion was that it is really hard to focus on so many things as its the decisions they made snow ball in the later stages of the game (they are 13-17). Shooter games are way easier, because the outcome is way more predictable. AOEIV is like a chess. Every move affects to the outcome of the match and it takes more time. In action games, players spawn, shoot, then kill or die. It happens in maximum of 3 minutes.
Just accept your defeat at this point.
The same people who always respond, defend the things that are liked by them are commenting here as they do in other threads. They should be more realistic, professional, but they always deny whatever they dont like.
Biased as always.

It’s not really an argument, it’s the reality of the situation. Children play video games, age of empires is one of them. There’s no evidence that says that they do not. Time passing and people aging as time passes is part of life, it’s not evidence to there being no children present.

It’s also interesting you bring up chess, that is a game that has a huge number of children who play it. It has all of the features of a game that you claim would cause a child not to play it. I’m just more confused about the point you are trying to make, it doesn’t really connect with lived experiences and statistics.

This isn’t about convincing you or even trying to prove reality does still exist outside of the computer screen. I apologize if I’ve done something to offend, it’s just hard to see misinformation get spread without any kind of counter to it.

Edit: There’s something that has been shifting every time someone responds, in the opening post you made you said:

Then it evolved into:

What I’m trying to understand is what this conversation is ultimately about. I was trying to respond to the original prompt, which is that usually kids don’t play this game. It’s obvious that the player base who engages in ladder play is going to be older, I don’t even know how to begin to verify the claim that you are making. It kind of feels like crazy making, as far as I know children have their information protected on the internet and don’t typically go out of their way to state publicly that they are a child to a room of anonymous adults. So how do we even verify that what you are saying is true?

Is this thread just about petitioning for more adult features to be added as a result of a more mature audience? Is it about making an observation that the game does not have new players, that the people who do play are only playing because they were here before?

It seems we are not having the same conversation with each other. It doesn’t make any sense to have a fight about something that neither of us have the ability to confirm. To be honest, it doesn’t make any sense to me that we are even having a disagreement to begin with. There’s nothing substantial to even have a discussion over other than subjective data and anecdotes. Again, I am not against you or the things you stand for, it’s just a matter of fact that children have and continue to play age of empires.

If there’s anything you want me to address or explain I can, but trading base insults with each other or mocking each other for the things that we understand is just petty. It doesn’t lead to an understanding.


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My point was very simple, older audience dominates the AOEIV.
Due to the data, I stated kids dont play this game. Because there were only 2 and the other was like 16 kids now. About reddit post, most people select their age, and even the comments prove it. About your post regarding the pros, only 2 were kids at age 18. Which is only about 1% of the pro player base.
Adding them all, including streamers etc, we get can get the rough idea of player’s average age.

Then, my point was that the AOE game is a lot more difficult, most kids are not interested in such games, where a lot of planning is required and also effort. They mostly prefer simple and short games. They die and spawn in a few seconds and straight into action, which is also less boring. There are far many reasons to not try this game, instead of many shooter ones that are available, free ones are the most appealing one too. AOEIV is way too pricey for children. This is why, I always was critical on so many mechanics, effects etc. Because some were removed due to age restriction, to target wider audience, but in reality, children ask their parents and buy it. Age restriction only works when child’s parents do not allow them to play, and such cases are really rare. It never worked.

Due to so many reasons, I only ask to make it optional, payable feature, so I and others will enjoy this game more.

this is also why entertainment/movie as a whole being going down hill and fast, and will only get worse.

as long as it satisfy them they’d happily throw money away. the well/better crafted content are less appreciated because it requires more time to understand.

makes me curious what kind of garbage movie they’d make another 30 years from now lmao

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