UUs Elite version graphic

Hi, It would be good, useful and logic that Elite Version of UUs have a distinctive detail to recognize they hierarchy.

Here are some ideas:

  1. A unique detail to elite version. For example: Non Elite Woad Rider have a little shield, NE Longbowman doesn’t have helmet and the lion painted in the chest, NE Chu-Ko-Nu have no helmet and robe is grey instead of white or her weapon is smaller than Elite, and so on…
  2. Some common object like shield or Helmet (almos every UU have any of this two) becomes golden for Elite Version
  3. A glowing effect similar to heroes for Elite version. I Don’t like it but I’m just dropping ideas here.
  4. Any other idea?..

I think gold armour is a good way to show elite


Here is a thread I started 1.5 years ago on the same topic:


I’m also for a change to a bit golden armor, but not to extremely, a good example is the battle elephant, a bit yellow or.gold and it’s enough.

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Add the ribbon to them, could be golden but it has to be tiny
I would like that the icon also changed to see the difference


Maybe add some capes or feathers

non-elite Berserks have no horns and elite berserks have longer beards. There is an argument for remove the horns entirely because they are historical inaccurate but I like the aesthetic

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I dispise the glowing effect as well, I want uniqr skins for every units of each civ, sitematically added. I’ll happily pay for this.


Original game back in the day had 2 different graphic ids set up for the berserk.I guess even back then they had the idea for 2 looks.

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Yeah same. Seems gimmicky like a magic-based RPG or League of Legends or something.

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I want regional skins, and then unique skins to be created through making shields and other insignia reflect the coat of arms of the civ.


That would be superb.