Very Happy for Beloved AoE3, but a Colossal Missed Opportunity: PERSIA

It isn’t RTS game though.

AOE2 community were generally welcoming radical civ choices and mechanics (even from AOE3).
Now in AOE3 we have some people like PrincessShockwave who screams at almost every new content.
And the reason why AOE3 received negative reviews back then from old AOE2 players was because it was too “creative” and too different.
And also the game was literally abandoned for 10+ years. No support. Whoever took care of the series pretended it never existed. The only widespread interview from the developers is about how it did wrong.

My mind boggles.


It is correct thinking though. I hate to think in terms of “slots”, because I’ve been annoyed by that argument before. However the game has a quaint player base, and games rarely get more than a few years of consistent content support unless it is an MMO or Fortnite. People saying things like “well keep supporting the game and eventually they’ll get to your civs in 5 years time” comes off as extreme wishful thinking.

The clock is ticking. Each time a DLC is released and your preferred civ isn’t in there, the chances of it ever being released drop dramatically, logically speaking.


Aoe3’s development was a huge nightmare. At one time you could of had cannons at age 1 for example.

I get it, I really do. When it comes to Persia a big obstacle that may hinder things is the fact Microsoft doesn’t operate in Iran. Whether that plays a factor I do not know. Sure, Persians are in AoEII but things may have changed since then.

When support stops whenever that is we all will be disappointed since there is so much that could be added to the game. We’re not all gonna get the civs we want but it’s best to enjoy the ride and remain positive regarding the future of the game because at present it is in a really great place and I have no reason to believe things are gonna end abruptly for now.

The devs have known as far back as the ES days we’ve wanted Persia ( I talked to several ES devs about it way back when)


tilanus said on the discord about Persians: “I haven’t forgotten about them”.

Let’s just wait and see. Given the excellent quality of the KotM DLC, I don’t think support will stop just yet. OP is being extremely immature about the inclusion of Malta - maybe I should go on a rant now about how they could have included some more Indian civs but instead chose Malta.

jesus, you can’t always get what you want… sheesh, let the devs work.


Yes, we are not alone in demanding Persia, demanding absolute minimum DECENCY and RESPECT for history and the legacy since AoE 1! That’s the truth. The voices can only grow louder in the future.

We appreciate your support. I think this is the key central issue in Age of Empires now.

If they don’t want to put it any effort to create the most important civilization missing out, then of course they shouldn’t charge any money.

We and a lot of people not only want Persia as players, we STRONGLY believe it HAS to be included if this game is calling itself “Age of Empires” and carrying the franchise on!


You can’t satisfy everyone. Maybe you also should do yourself a favor and move on, because the constant stream of whining is not interesting or helpful. There are a lot of armchair game designers around to fill your slot.

It’s not. It’s a central problem for you and few other passionate people on this forum. Stop speaking for 5 or 6-digit number of people that bought it.
Up to 1.4m

You are equally stubborn in refusing to listen to anything. And what you’re saying here is straight-up arrogant.

It’s not the most important civilization. Not for age of exploration and colonization (main theme of the game, and still the essence of the many gameplay systems and themes), nor for this game in terms of filling some slot that have been left empty for years. That doesn’t mean it’s not important, interesting or worth having. But these things are not tied with each other.
‘Italian’ civilization is one of the most important in the history of this planet, and they are included now, 17 years since AoE III was released.
It’s not a D measuring contest, but a commercial product. If you have official statements showing disregard from the developer side- you’re free to present it.

It would be better for you to stop judging what people can work on and charge money for. And certainly speaking for the developer team about what they ‘don’t want to put effort it’. As far as it can be judged by comparison to other remasters- they might be in top#3 or top#5 in the world in terms of dedication and care about the product.

Game was great, besides performance issues, on release. Since then it was expanded greatly in almost every direction. We don’t have new high-budget campaigns. That’s it.


From what I understand, the devs goes for a common theme between civs when they make a DLC.

So that why they added malta with Italy. Italy and Persia have little in common…


No thanks, bro. I enjoy conversing with fellow AOE fans, warts and all. But if you can’t handle dissenting opinions then you are free to leave.


Can you please use a larger font? I can’t read it.

Maybe if you were less obnoxious you’d be taken more seriously.


That isn’t a point to be upset about. Of course i want persian civilization too but other people who wanted italian civilization or maltese civilization, they finally got it and i’m happy for them. We definitely will get persian civilization next time but if you keep complaining, it will make us who want persian civilization look bad. Also marketing is so important for developer, it is a lot more everything than you thought. if persian civilization won’t happen, i don’t mind because mods exist.


One more thing, both Italians and Maltese also made attempts to colonize the Americas, the first was Italian colonization in North Brazil, the second were the Maltese Hospitallers received four islands in the East Carribbean from the already-bankrupt Compagnie des Îles de l’Amérique :it::malta::joy::joy::joy:


Are you willing to bet $$$ on it?

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Nobody forces you to bet money.

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Simply incredible maps. There’s something seriously wrong with Age of Empires recently. Where the hell is the Persian Empire?

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Are you seriously or troll? Safavid Empire is persian civilization though.

I’d prefer Morocco next or the Danes.

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Expansion packs are themed. The only ones that are not themed are the conquerors (with a “conquest America” semi-theme but also Huns and Koreans who are not so relevant) and forgotten empires (which comes from a mod).

Safavids would come with Oman or Morocco.
Danes I’m not sure because Swedes are already there. Maybe they can split it into an one-civ DLC like what they did with US and Mexico.


I meant exactly that on the maps above. Safavid Empire = good ole Persia. Where is it on AoE3?

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