Very Happy for Beloved AoE3, but a Colossal Missed Opportunity: PERSIA

El imperio persa tampoco tuvo esa extensión completamente fue durante unas campañas militares, además sin que los europeos estuvieran tantas victorias contra los otomanos los safafidas tampoco hubiesen durado nada por si solos.

@StatelyPlayer64 Brother, without Persia holding back the Ottoman Empire with the Great Ottoman-Persian Wars, Europe would have infinitely more difficulty slowing down the Empire.

Persia was a million times bigger and historically more imporant than COVID-sized Malta


Nunca dije que no fuera importante colega, lo que trato de decir es que sin la ayuda europea y de otras tribus menores de medio oriente como los quizilbashi el imperio hubiese caído en manos turcas, además malta fue agregada por que era mas sencilla de hacer y como una especie de regalo para los nostálgicos de la primera campaña del age 3


As I have said earlier (but you seem to intentionally ignore that part), nobody is stealing Persia’s place in the game. Yelling at other civs would not help. Even if they are not adding Malta they still will not add Persia in this DLC. Other threads requesting Persia are way more friendly and constructive.
Give me a way to fit Italy and Persia into one theme or one culture group and I’ll be persuaded.


Ok but who told you Italy was an empire? Who told Italy (or Mexico, US, Hausa, etc etc) should be in Age of “Empires” 3 before the Persian Empire?
I too want Persia in the game because it’s most unique, significant and worthy of a civ, no need for Italy first!
This situation is getting increasingly suspicious and bizarre indeed.

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This is the increasingly relevant -and awkward- question.

You seem to have problems with reading comprehension.
The game had native Americans as the first addition back in 2006. I wonder what gave you the impression they are adding civs based on their rank of power or size, or they are adding “empires” only.

Italy is an European civ. It can be built within the framework of European civs. Persia probably need a whole new middle Eastern culture group. That’s not something to be immediately pulled off.


It is peculiar that a select few individuals who never step foot in this forum otherwise are whining about a Persian civ most of us hardcore fans have been requesting since the ES days as if they’re the only ones who want them in the game.

Apparently, a little civility and patience are too much to ask for some who instead act like a bunch of spoiled entitled brats just because their precious civ hasn’t come out yet as if the devs can magically snap their fingers and release it.

The only advice I can give for the whiners and those who conduct themselves with maturity and understanding is to show support to the game and act civil towards the devs. The odds increase for us all if we do those simple tasks.

But instead, we get a thread like this that doesn’t help the situation at all. If I were a dev I’d utterly dismiss it.


Well, the original campaign is very popular, so I guess they thought people would like a civ based on Act 1

And Malta is available in Wars of Liberty, who knows if FE doesn’t look at that mod for inspiration.


It seems like they did take inspiration from WoL. Both WoL and “official” Malta have a starkly archaic style even compared to Spain, whereas WoL was originally focused on the 19th century wars in Latin America. I also heard, too, that some WoL people now work as part of FE’s team, so the transfer of ideas is natural.


That does make sense

We only need to do 2 things :
1- Buy the new DLC to enjoy the new civilizations & support devs
2- Wait and give time to devs to do their job (They know what to do) I believe them :slightly_smiling_face:


But next time its definitely time to give Asia some love & see new asian civilizations


It is better to think about this longterm, releasing this DLC could bring a lot of hype back, it allows for more income to continue supporting the game.

You all better hope it sells like butter, because that increases the chances that Persia becomes a civ down the line.

I and hopefully others are really hyped for Malta and Italians. Personally I dont care much about Persia, but I’d love for it to be added.

In me and others purchasing the dlc and supporting aoe 3, I hope it becomes a reality for all of you!


Indeed, sounds like a love letter to 2005 AoE3 fans like the Burgundians’ addition to AoE2, but still an unexpected addition like Mexico. Gonna play Maltese ofc.

I guess WoL Maltese gets “transferred” to DE after they removed/are removing it from the mod.

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  1. Italy was the most requested civilisation for AoE3 that wasn’t in the game yet.
  2. Italy was already planned but canc led in the past.
  3. Malta is a bonus civilisation. Using a lot of campaign assets and likely some ideas and units they had for Italy but that didn’t make it.
  4. Malta was more important than you might think. They had a lot of support from many European allies. That’s why some of their units speak other languages like German.
  5. It’s not only about how important an Empire was but also what potential interesting gameplay a civilisation can offer. Best example are the Lakota. They are very unique and that alone makes them a good choice.
  6. Persia is more work so chances are they are already working on it in the background.

And general rule in life:
If you want something from someone don’t insult them!
Motivate them to keep on working by being positive.

Keep making threads and keep posting about what you want in the game but be positive. We want the Persians in the game because we already love the game. If we wouldn’t like the game would we care about what civilisations they add?

btw. I want Persia too. It’s the most important civilisation they haven’t added yet in my opinion.


Worth a wait, for Safavid Persia deserves one-of-a-kind gaming mechanics :+1::+1::+1:


I totally agree that the Persians are potential, and the Siamese and them are the 2 of the most solid and suitable new Asian civilization choices.
I’m just worried about Asian civilizations themselves. Wonders that shouldn’t appear, monk heroes, outlaw monasteries, etc. There are too much designs based on stereotypes. I simply don’t want to see Persians and Siamese also polluted with them.


I wonder what mechanics they could get.
Asian mechanics don’t make much sense. Wonders could be cool though.
Monk Explorers make no sense and Export as resource not really. Also Export feels so boring now that we have Africans with Influence which is 10x more interesting.

They should rework India and the Ottomans when they add Persia. The 3 gunpowder empires.

Persia + Oman could be a nice combination to fill the geographic and cultural gap between the Ottomans and India.
With minor civilisations/mercenaries like Afghani or Kurdish.


I think India needs a split like in AoE2, though the offshoots would have to be different.

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