Very terrible civilization balance in Patch 11009

Mongols are too strong in every rating. By using Mongols, even if you are a beginner, you can easily win a game over someone who plays better than you. Oppositely, Chinese are extremely weak. It has already been weaker than most civilizations in Patch 10257, which can be proved by the win rate ranking. As far as I know, more than half of my friends in China who played AOE4 has uninstalled this game because of the terrible civilization balance. Chinese has no advantage over any other civilization before they enter Age IV. It costs Chinese huge amount of resources to enter a new dynasty and they can get few benefits after entering a new dynasty. Chinese troops such as fire lancers are completely useless after the new patch in January, 2022. What is incomprehensible is that the Relic is still trying to weaken other Chinese units such as clocktower units in the coming patches (can not be supervised), which will make the Chinese a completely useless civilization in this game. By the way, the Abbasid Dynasty is also too weak compared with most other civilizations. It has weak unique units such as camels. They also have few efficient tactics compared with other civilizations. Few players are willing to use the Abbasid Dynasty in this game.


Chinese Imperial official makes up all the extra cost.
It allows gathering extra 20% resources from the start of the game. If you wanna play aggressively, it can supervise and boost training time to make a larger army. Moreover, you can train 4 of them from the dark age.

Advanced tip: collect tax and continue to supervise, when cooldown runs out, collect tax again and deliver it to TC. This way travel time will be reduced significantly and allows players to supervise longer.
Chinese Landmarks are really strong because they unlock unique units and give small bonuses each.

Just git gut!

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I have been familiar with these civs. I don’t want to use the Chinese any more just because the Chinese are much more weaker than other civs, such as the French. If the Chinese build the second landmark, they will have few resources to train troops. Then the opponent will easily rush the Chinese. The benefits of the dynasty system are very limited. This is very terrible. The imperial officials are useful, but they cannot make up the many disadvantages of the Chinese.
I will not use the Chinese any more unless the Chinese can get some reasonable buffs in the future patches. I can hardly win any opponents by using the Chinese. However, my win rate is much higher by using the French and the Mongols.


A simple solution is to not build a second landmark that would not lead to the next age.

Instead, focus and analyze and then make a decision to advance to the next Age or advance to the next dynasty.

If you do the same thing to every map, then it is not a strategy as you don’t have to think about the current situation and facing civ.


I think Song dynasty is pretty effective, especially against the English. A well placed barbican of the sun can just give you enough seconds to go to Song dynasy and get your Zhuge nu out to fight their longbows. And yes they can fight longbows. People who say they can’t don’t know what they’re talking about. Against most other civs going Song is worth it too I think. Except against HRE. Yeah, I still don’t know what to do when fighting them. Oh, and the Mongols of course, but screw the Mongols

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Siege was broken and it needed fixing. It’s only an issue for one trick ponies that would just go age4 and spam siege every single game.
You can still supervise the siege workshop and spam normal siege which will still be affected by reload drills and bombards still have 12 range.
People complain that it takes long to get through dynasties, but you dont need to go through any dynasty to spam 12 range 800+hp bombards.
If turns out the civ is too weak then the devs can buff their early game to compensate.
There are good suggestions out there of making the second landmarks for each age cheaper.
Games against china now will also be much healthier because players won’t feel the need to rush china every single game.


I’m still trying to figure out good early game strategies for the Chinese. One thing to consider is that they can spam units in feudal age while having no vils on gold and still make some bank. Maybe there’s a good way to use that

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No it is not, most people here are blind or sth ? China had a bottom tier win rate WITH broken bombards. What now? Take a ■■■■■■■ guess.


people played nobrains trying to survive until seige → failed → loose.
Seige is fixed → people will play brainly fighting in castle/feudal. → higher winrate.

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What? Are you serious ? So china is weak because their siege is strong? You are not very smart are you ? :smiley:

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Mongols mut be nerfed.


China has a horrible early game but they had an incredible late game and most of the players playing it were just massing siege , it wasn’t fun .

You have , fire lancer that are still good , nest of bees , granadiers, and a lot of siege bonuses, they are just at the level o some other civs

Hey! I just noticed , you are the Spanish guy . No me había dado cuenta . China no está bien . Pero spamear armas de asedio tampoco está y aunque se que china nesesita un buff no deberían hacerla una civilización top

Exactly, I have played with chinese player and he was endlessly printing (double producing) zhuge nu at 6 min mark. He pretty much soloed the HRE opponent. A large mass can deal insane damage and can melt knight easily. I did watch the replay but wasnt able to take note of build order.

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Emm im not the spanish guy :d Hablo espanol muy poco, no entiendo casi nada amigo :slight_smile:

Yea chinese players play like brain dead. In team games it really stupid like building walls in open map and making three town centers and coming out in Imperial with either 10 bombards or fire lancers in older patches. When my teammate is chinese I consider him dead for early game because most won’t help you just to get that death ball or fire lancer mass and end up losing when they couldn’t reach there and opponent played entirely age 2 and 3.

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Oh sorry then , I thought you were the guy who made the Spanish civ thread , to be honest it haves the same Profile picture

Sorry lol

Massing Zhuge nu against HRE usually only works against players who are surprised by it. A calm player just gets a few towers to defend and at the time you get rams they will already be in castle age, sneaking relics in their base. You can try to stop their prelats but one or two can always make it, giving them enough gold to get a mangonel and squash your army

Although the nerf to scouts might actually hurt HRE. It does hurt the Chinese too though.


Song vs HRE = badm fast castle + reig kills you

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