Very terrible civilization balance in Patch 11009

You don’t need a ram to isolate their gold. Just bring 1 or 2 villagers to build your tower close-by and it will delay age up by large margin. Also china can build outpost/walls really fast. Why people think tower rush is exclusive to few civs.

I mostly play 2v2s. I agree in 1v1 an HRE player might react early seeing push. But 2v2 its not possible to scout opponents properly and collect sheeps as well. I agree with some early game china buff but siege nerf is 100% justified.

I see, yeah that makes sense. I’m also trying some early aggression strategies against HRE but it’s pretty tricky since their feudal eco can just be better. 40% compared to 20%. And yes I know the Chinese save more ressources like that and the HRE burns through them, but in feudal age it doesn’t have such a big impact. But again, maybe there are just some early game tactics people didn’t figure out completely because everyone tries to get to castle age all the time

ok so you don’t get 2nd landmark then what advantages does China get? zero so why play them? oh you don’t? ok great solution lol ffs.

firelancers are useless now wtaf surely kidding yourself typing that? smh.

Most of the time lmao , I already clarified in another post that I have no intention on getting on the theme of China .

And that most of the comments were posted as a joke , just to get some debate , got to say that I got some funny responses from people that main siege .

I’m just happy that China is no longer a nightmare to play vs


I don’t think the question should be “how long does it take until the official can pay its own cost” but it’s better to ask “would another villager, or an official be more effective now.” I definitely agree with what you’re saying about most landmarks and dynasties but I think the imperial academy is quite underrated. Same goes for Zhuge nu. You’re saying they can’t fight armoured units. I really disagree. They’re cheap enough and you can pump them out so fast that they can fight almost anything in feudal age. But yeah, I definitely agree that it is a problem that you have to pay for one dynasty and lose almost everything from the previous one


Yeah, they certainly do have trouble fighting knights and horsemen. You would have to mix in spears and that’s kinda tricky against the French because they always mix in archers. But it can work, it’s just difficult. But fighting longbows is definetely possible. You have to get a good position for your Barbican, so you have enough time to reach Song dynasty and make enough Zhuge nu. Then you choose good fights against longbows. It’s possible, you just have to get enough of them and try to avoid fighting them under towers. You also have to build a blacksmith soon to get upgrades and rams if necessary.


As I said in other comments, you don’t need to build all the landmarks xD
It is not a sim city game.

For 5 months most of the players who mained the Chinese civ are kinda used to building everything as I see. That is just so wrong! All the landmarks are optional, but it offers flexibility. With the imperial official Chinese can play aggressively and supervise military buildings to train units faster and collect taxes at the same time.

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man they are not that cheap though 30 gold per unit? plus you need 20 food and 30 wood. and they are basically an archer… Longbows are wayyyy stronger than them and no gold cost.

So if your going to go early Zhu Nu just play english and run long bows.
Thats the point Chinas unique units are weaker than everyones elses.

Siege and Grenadiers are their strengths but who really even gets Grenis up in a game it takes 22mins of pure boom to get them…

So you are saying Chinas special unqiue unit that you have to age up twice to get access to makes its so “its possible” to be competitive lol surely taking the ■■■■ right now…


That’s what I mean. Take intelligent fights, don’t get poked too much and you can make it

Three gold miners and a tax collector are enough to get 3 Zhuge nu for every 2 longbows and still make some bank. Most English players just try throwing more longbows at you and the longer that continues the better for you, because the Chinese eco will eventually be better than the English one if both stay on 1 TC.

they are literally on a hill…

there is no hill +25% damage bonus in AOE 4 lol

& thats the hill they died on.


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