Very terrible civilization balance in Patch 11009

Longbows and Zhuge nu don’t hardcounter each other. It all depends on your decisions and numbers. They both have the same HP and movement speed. One just has better reach, the other one better damage. But like I said, try forcing the English player to stay in feudal age. As long as you don’t take damage to your villagers, your eco is gonna be better.

lol dude RANGE is a massive factor come on… in close range Zhug Nu will win 1 v1 yes.

But when your rushing in an actual game trying to avoid being hit by the TC and killing villis attacking rams Longbows are a much better unit.

The game isn’t played just stand and deliver… come on use your brain.

Yeh so then the English player builds MAA and Zhu Nu is rekt what do you do then? lol China has no counter to armoured units.

So without landmark what the points of dynasty buff? It’s not like China player wants it to be Sim city, but the dynasty system force to do so. If you saying this means that you never played China.
Without those buff, how could you make advantage to fight other civs?
I could just go up to age 3 without dynasty buff, and than what is my advantages to get in age 3?
No mention like French automatically get villagers produce boost meanwhile China must have 2 landmark to get it.

He mention that IO need 150 food 20sec time to produce. If you build it at beginning it would take 5mins until it actually payback. Beside unlike HRE persist directly boost on villagers. IO must supervise on store builds and it not actually directly boost gathering speed like other civs did.
Rus got food gathering boost, golden gate , Musilm civs got berry boost. English got cheap farm could produce golds. HRE got persist could boost gathering speed. French got fast villagers starting in age 1. Mongol just another levels.

You cannot do both x3 production and 20% extra resources and tax collecting at same time!!!
They could doesn’t not mean you could do all of them in the same time.
Produce all 4 IO needs 600 resources. Which is huge cost in early 7-9 mins which is the golden period of time to do early rush. MEANWHILE other civs just not as complex as China did and can do good early rush.
Tax is useless in later games, you don’t rely on 160 taxing (after upgrade) to get gold. There is distances between builds and TC to handing tax. Besides you have to produce unit thought that build to get tax.

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Go play china in 1v1 with longbow rush ENG.
See if you could use ZHUge nu to counter it XD.

Yes that’s exactly how I play pretty much every match against the English and going Zhuge nu works almost every time

不要和他们解释太多了,他们就只会强行吹捧中国强, 他们大部分人我打赌他们根本就没有系统性的玩过中国, 尤其是1v1. 论坛甚至有人强行哭弱蒙古的你敢信?

一副我不听不听的态度,带着一股子傲慢,什么成分我也不说了 免得又是我上纲上线


Lol ,no you don’t lie on this.

I play China for like 200 rounds so I know it. If you simply rely on Zhuge nu to counter it. Definitely you would lost hard, Cuz I could use longbow with network to kite you with 7 range. In some case ENG wall push could up to 9 range to bully you

Otherwise why you think pro China player don’t use Zhuge nu instead of archers to counter it?
If you don’t want waste time to play a round, just go watch a game see how they handle it.


It is just your approach, it if it turtle map, then go for 4 officials, it is an open map go for 1 official and supervise military building…

seems like you are 400 elo player xD
You collect the tax and continue supervising, when cooldown runs out you collect tax again and send it to TC. That way you eliminate extra walking time…

Just Git Gud!

Collect tax while supervising lol clearly you don’t play china, half the time you try to supervise a building the IO just bugs out and starts running arpund collecting your 20 gold per drop off. As soon as fighting starts its impossible to do both, its viable in age 1 and some of age 2, after that you get more resources just sticking to inspecting the site.