Veterans Units in the new footage?

i was analyzing the first clip, the battle in the arena between what’s looks like Frenchs and English, because i was trying to understand why in the UI they were showing that the player has selected 3 hero units when we only saw the mounted hero

then i noticed that the UI display that the player has selectedd 14 swordsmen, buy when i counted them, they were 16, so when i look closer i noticed that two of the Swordsmen looks exactly the same but they are using spears instead of sword

my guess is that they are the two “missing” heros, and that every Q,W,E ability is related to each one of them, the crown being from the mounted one, and the heart and the Sword corresponding to this “veterans” and i’m calling them that, because my guess is that they are, because they look exactly the same as the other swordsmen


My theory is that all the abilities belong to the main hero.
The other two units aren’t even important enough to have a hero glow. I assume they are campaign only units. The interesting part is that they are not being added up in one icon with a 2 on it. Maybe they are not the same unit or generally special units are always individual.

i think they correspond one to each “hero” beacause in the second clip there are only one hero and only one ability in the Q-W-E section

We’ll find out on April 10th.

I just think the other two don’t seem important enough. Also why should Heroes me limited to one ability?

yeah i agree, maybe the one ability per hero is because they don’t want them to be too impactful, but this is just conjecturing without fundamentals

I hope that units can level up based off of combat experience, to incentivize keeping units alive with different tactics and such.

That would require alot of micro