VI the pre internet age and vii the internet age

v is Victorian age and vi the pre internet age and vii is internet where age of empire was born

my idea for pre internet and internet era

maybe early internet and scfi internet age

not my idea for victorian age

ehm, i mean quiet a lot of stuff happened between age of empires imperial age (which is cirka 1820-1876, really more appropriate name would be “age of nations”) and the information age.

the weapons we got in game are obsolete even by 1880, and certainly by 1900.


Yeah imagine aoe3 with nukes. lol.


Improve Age V in AoE 3 - definitely yes
New Ages in AoE 3 - definitely no


For modern times (world wars 1 & 2, cold war and future) definitely better option is a brand new game series based on AoE series with CoH features. Work name - Age of Wars.

Suggestion for new game series:

Its called Rise of Nations hahaha

maybe age of war yes