Video of Beasty CRITICIZING a part of the HARMFUL community

The fact that you repeat the same thing day after day like parrots becomes quite heavy. The developers are not being quick and have been responsible of this situation, but there is another (smaller, but important) part of the responsibility and it falls on the community that constantly does damage to the game.


I couldn’t agree more with Beastyqt on this topic.


Bro could have made his point in 30-secs. A minute tops.

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How is the length of the video an issue now all of a sudden?

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imo the problem is (as it is in most of all communities), that only the fewest 5% which are just malding and shittalking will be heard, a vast amount of the community is not represented by this guys, may not even writing in the forums, chats etc.

i m absolutly agree, that over time this behaviour can inflect the “good” part of the community, and i agree with the statments Bestyqt has made.


I remember the game is doing perfectly well with a lot of players on gamepass, a lot of viewer on twitch, and a lot of funded tournaments, which are more crucial to the success of the game than anything else.
So calling the developers slow and anyone being responsible for it (which implies the current situation is bad but it is actually great) is the most harmful and toxic.

BTW different people have different definitions of “slow” and calling them slow or unresponsive is unfair. Other games have other features and their own problems so you cannot compare to them. AOE4 has a lot of great things to offer other than what the vocal minority has been constantly asking.

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imo calling a game dead is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If enough people call a game dead, then new players will stop coming because of those threads, and the game is actually dead.

we should tell all the whining haters like jimmyrandomnumber and the others, to stop and leave the place. we cant look away, we dont wanna loose the game to the haters.

so aoe4 lovers stand together and make this community the place again it was for years!


If you think it’s a garbage game and you’d rather see him dead than in a state of evolution, I don’t know what you’re doing around here and you don’t dedicate yourself to other games. You don’t contribute anything.


I paid for the game so I’m gonna dung on it. I hoped the best for the game and I have waited a year and they still haven’t addressed most of the issues. I feel betrayed. I am going to dung on this game whenever or wherever I get a a chance.

People like you are the reason why we no longer have good games. Devs can get away with shoving this trash up everyone ■■■ and we need to be positive about this.


With the season 2 patch around the corner, what are those other issues that they still haven’t resolved that isn’t already fixed or included in the next patch?

Or is it just something you say to try prove a point?

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Beastyq was careful with his wording, which I liked. I partially agree with his point but it’s a dangerous game to play if you misinterpret his video as the community having to be always positive.

If you have an ALL NEGATIVE community, the community kills the game, as he correctly stated, but if you have an ALL POSITIVE community, it does as much damage.

The latter is clearly seen with movies that are loved by critics but bomb at the box office. Positivism can’t hold a bad product’s weight on its own.

I think a forum post that goes “the game is dead” is not helpful, but “this is why I don’t like the game” or “this is what I expected from the game at launch/6 months in” is fine. That’s something devs can use, and here’s hoping someone at Relic actually takes the time to get that feedback back to them.


I think you are so confused about me.

I criticize what I think is wrong with the game, I try to give feedback to make it better and I have also paid (like you and many here).

The majority of us in the community know that the game released incomplete without some basic features and that it still has balance issues, bugs and more features that they should apply.

To say that the game is rubbish and that you would rather see it die than see it in this state (knowing that the game is improving very slowly) is a destructive comment that does not add anything or help anyone.

You are an example of what I put in my initial post, a part of the community that insists on continuing to kill the game and be a nuisance (instead of giving good feedback) when we see that it is in a delicate state in terms of number of players.

Perhaps you think that I’m not tired of the game not being at its best because it’s not complete, I am, but that’s not why I’m going to be toxic because all I’d do is keep digging the game’s grave.


The developers are not directly responsible for a game in many cases. They are just workers who tell them what to do.

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you mean 1 of those sellout that sold us an incomplete game and promote the cancer of gaming industry that is making incomplete and buggy games at the cost of the player money and time? Is natural for them that they are defending the game because it can cause a damage to their public reputation. Even after ignoring those facts, part of the biggest part that is caused this non stop “toxicity” is part of the bad management of ms on releasing the game incomplete and not supportting relic team if they are actually small for a game genre that is hard to develop. I know it’s annoying for some folks but remenber its a natural reaction to the problem and 1 thing to make them clear is by saying the “parrot thing”.

The problem is that when people feel that they aren’t being heard then they get louder. The root issue is still the ■■■■ poor communication from Relic. If people had the answers they wouldn’t be in Beasty’s chat asking questions.


He makes a solid point.

It’s really hard to navigate these forums without swimming through endless amount of threads proclaiming the game is dead or dying, or whatever negativity without actually bringing up a proper constructive discussion.

It really drowns away other threads, discussing about tactics, theorycrafting, and general game-related discussions.

And even more worryingly, it removes the seriousness of the issue at hand.
The more people who simply just scream and cry without bringing anything to the table.
The less likely those who actually DO bring something to the table gets washed away and ignored. As there are so many countless of other threads crying about the exact same issue.

So instead of bringing up an actual discussion around the issue at hand and trying to come up with actual suggestions AS a community, not as the individual poster or based purely on the OP’s opinion.

But for me it feels more like, Everyone feels like they have the priviledge to be heard more than the other guy who posted yesterday, and their opinion matters more than the opinion of anyone else who have addressed the exact same issue!


So conclusion Aoe4 is a dead game right? :rofl: :joy:

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This is surprisingly acurate.

  • If we look at the numbers at every thread we see that the users (people who post and debate) is close to 5% or less than the number of views that thread has.
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the problem with that is:

  • Bringing a new dlc? the current civs are not even fixed to go further.

  • Balance issues or mp? probably the only one that is taken account

  • New modes? still fixing/adding the core mechanics (ignoring the ramdon mode that was only 1). If it’s done by the mod tool, good luck because its one of the most difficult to learn and nobody has ton of free time to be dedicated to it. There’s a reason why no new flesh modes came out like it were in other aoes.

  • sp content? They are too focused on mp and they comfirm by the quantity of tourney

After that what we can do if those kind of suggestion don’t work. well you already know the consequences of it.

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