Vietnamese need change some thing more

Viet need change 2 thing
1: remove(delete) paper money for other technology
2: delete delay screen shoot + reduce cost for rattan archer
Vote for italia and, comment

Making all civs S tier, as some of this forum want to do, is not the correct approach imo.

Yesterday hera beat daut in a showmatch with vietnamese against mayans.

In my opinion, the best approach to make the game balanced is nerfing the s tier civs, rather than creating more S tier civs.

But I agree on the paper money one. Paper money is just a boring Unique Tech. I would like to see a rework.
The same with sicilian and burgundian ones.


Vietnamese are finally fine as they are.


I just buff paper money UT, more gold for the same price

but I thingbut I thing they are need change more thing than only incrrease gold chnge to otherr tĂŞch, and rattan need fixx

Vietnamese are one of the best easy to learn archer civs that have arguably the most pop efficient archer. They are fine as is and actually a good civ :slight_smile:
Paper money might be boring but it is a non-gold unique tech that is pretty useful in very late games.

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I think that the only change to the viets should be on paper money. I mean, the market is still a better option, PM is useful only when the market have terrible prices.

Being a one time use only, and since it gives back an fixed amount of gold, I think that it could give back a 1:1 ratio of gold for the resources that you are paying for, which is something that i’s not present in the game at the moment.

Like, if the tech cost 800 food and wood, it should give back 800 gold, or cost 500 food and wood, and giving back 500 gold.

About the rest, viets are fine, rattan has always been a stong unit, and their eco is solid. Their castle age UT is pretty weak, but not useless in the end.

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Still, I think we all would preffer to have a more creative or dynamic Unique tech for viets, rather than just a “give gold” unique tech. Would be better for the game and more fun.

Yes rattan fire slow, but they have 7 base atack compared to 6 base atack from arbalest. They are “heavy” archers.


buff their elephant unique tech to +70HP or something because they have by far the weakest elephants


Wrong their eles have the second highest HP of all land units, I remember using them against Lithuanian Paladins with 22 attack, the Elephants crushed them.

I think vietnamese are in a fine spot right now, though I do also really dislike the paper money tech.

But elephants got nerfed heavily recently.
i think their elephants could use a bit of a buff, i really liked to use them instead of siege before their nerf. Honestly i think that nerf hit vietnamese quite hard in 1v1.
But still they are fine, and especially rattans are an extremely strong unit, that has very few counters in imp. No wonder though hera (the better player) beat Daut as mayans with vietnamese. They pretty much counter mayans.
But besides that, one thing I wish would hold true for their crossbows is that they would survive a direct mangonel shot right now that is only the case if you use attack ground.


Remember Battle elephants are more relevant in team games than 1v1, that’s why they got nerfed.

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I know, i wouldnt buff their HP either for that reason. I just think its quite the shame they were one of the few civs that could make good use of elephants in 1v1, because they could act as a good support Support unit for the archers.

if i was to buff Vietnamese anywhere, it wouldn’t be their elephants. they aren’t a civ that i would choose to use my elephants as, except as a last resort.


If they think Vietnamese needs a change they definitely need to start with this and take care of two problems, this is one of the most boring UTs in the game and doesn’t change anything about your game plan at all once you research it

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I really dislike paper money. I would prefer an UT fixing the frame delay or rattans…

But Vietnamese are very fine atm…

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Rattans with low frame delay would be borderline op though. They are the last thing that needs a buff.


Vietnamese are pretty decent, no?

Still I would be in favor of changing Paper Money just because it is incredibly boring. Doesn’t need to be particularly strong, but a more interesting effect would be nice.


I agree with the others here, I think Vietnamese are actually in a decent spot. However, I do agree with you about paper money. I’m always disappointed when I remember Vietnamese basically have no imperial tech. 500 gold is good, but in team games you can potentially get infinite gold from trade. I always thought it was too much of an AoE3 tech and doesn’t really fit into AoE2. Same with the Burgundians and Sicilians’ techs. Personally I’d like a tech that’s similar to the new Mayan tech for the Vietnamese, where it’s definitely interesting and useful in certain circumstances and will provide a cool buff, but not make them overpowered.