Vietnamese need more increase about military, and chan paper money

Vietnamese need bonus more power for military I mean increase rattan archer power( time create, shoot delay) and chance the paper money to other tech. After much time update Vietnamese still was something bad and terible in game

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Vietnamese are one of the best late game civs. The frame delay is balanced considering their movement speed and attack
Also 12 seconds is pretty fast creation time for an archer UU


Rattan are one of the most powrful archer UU in the game, it almost have the durability of a plumes with the attack of a longbow, and they are faster than a standard xbow. Theys also have a decent AR, barrack, stable and SW, backed by a good eco, so I don’t see how they need another bonus or better units.

As for paper money, in my opinion is a really good bonus in DE, since now it cost only wood and food, and you can have some gold in the late game when the market has terrible prices and the gold has completly run out.


Wtf? Clearly mid tier civilization with good eco and boom, strong military bonuses and very strong UU
Maybe their Elephant UT should give a bit more hitpoints but they are perfect.


Exactly. Their elephant UT could give more HP (maybe +70 instead of 50) and they would be perfect. Currently I’m not even sure if their elephants are better than the FU ones (noone has FU ones), the lack of blast furnace hurts their elephants a lot. I think it would make sence if their UT would give even more HP (originally it was only +30)

Yes because lacking Blast Furnace makes their trample damage worse. I’d agree with 80 extra hitpoints.

Vietnamese is already a low-mid tier 1v1 civ and an okay TG civ. Rattan archers’ slow production and vulnerability towards siege weapons are not the biggest concerns in a team game as they are already pretty decent with a faster speed, higher hp, and much higher PA.

They certainly could be better but not every civ can have a win rate more than 50%. Maybe a small change on paper money is fine so that the civ could be more versatile, but in general, the civ does not need another fundamental change.

I don’t care about winrate lol, that’s not the reason why I want them buffed. As long as they don’t have lower winrate than 40% or higher than 60% I don’t even take them in account.

Vietmamese are finally decent.

The elephant UT is fine, clearly it could provide more hp if you compare with mayan el dorado.

I like paper money overall, what I do not like is that it is single use. I would like to see some permanent addition effect, the best proposal I heard is +3g every time you sell wood.

Clearly Vietmamese can be further buffed (I am a vietmamese fun) since they are super far from being OP, however we have some other civs which are very underwhelming and they need a buff more than vietmamese.

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(20 character)

considering they’re seen in serious pro games now and have some very good civ matchups, I’d say they’re pretty strong outside of maybe needing some UT adjustments and a slight wood discount on rattans

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I’m not a fan of the paper money tech, because of its nature.

In 1v1 500 food, 300 wood and 60 seconds for 500 gold feels underwhelming. However in 3v3 or 4v4…

and a slight wood discount on rattans

No, Rattans are already a top tier UU


Top-tier civ on closed maps and I’d say mid-tier on open maps. Best civ vs archers civs, weak vs meso civs, okay vs cav civs (depending on your ability to remove mobility from the game). Sounds like a fair trade-off to me.

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Sure but compared to other archer UUs they are too expensive. From my point of view, archers UU cannot cost more than a ckn. Especially genoese crossbowman. But also rattans are very expensive.

However, despite some small changes, vietmamese are fine and not a priority for the balancing.

You can give a slightly better UT, reduce the cost of rattans (maybe as second effect of paper money)… but nothing urgent as turks, Koreans, italians and Portuguese


I think 500 gold is pretty strong in late game 1v1 but 60 seconds is too long and maybe a 100 food tech discount isn’t bad to see. But still Viet late game buffing shouldn’t be a priority right now considering all things

I’m not asking much, just dropping it to 40w from 50w considering how cheap similarly or more viable archer UUs are

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Because Rattans kill everything expect Heavy Cavalry, Siege (do better than Arbs), Eagles (do better than Arbs) and Huskarls on top with a good mobility and raiding ability

I think Rattan is the best Archer Unique Unit, skirmishers (unless imp skirms) can’t stop them.

If I was to do anything with paper money it’d be reduce the research time.

Rattans are pretty good, but ckns are superior and cheaper. So it makes sense to reduce the cost, to have it at least similar to ckn. Similar thing can be said of GC.

Overall, what I would reduce is the frame delay, but also a secondary effect on paper money reduction wood cost of rattans is fine.

Again, Rattans are good as they are, viets are fine as they are. Some slight buffs make sense, simply becose other civs/UUs are stronger… but it is not necessary. I mean, before making rattans cheaper, we should make GC cheaper.
Imo, in this moment there are other priorities like:

  1. turks
  2. turks
  3. turks
  4. Italians, Koreans, and Portuguese

Turks: pikeman, elite skirmisher and done