Vikings Buff

This is more for flavor but adds to the civ a buff in a way, moreso if it adds to the arrowfire or not -

Viking Buff:

Longboat is now garrisonable up to 8 per boat (5-10 range seems reasonable)

(Optional) infantry garrisoned inside longboats now increase the number of arrows fired (balanced due to losing a longboat ontop of any garrisoned infantry if sunk)

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Vikings are already strong enough. No need for Longboat Tower-Transport hybrids.


vikings absolutely do not need any buffs right now, especially so on water.


Where’s your sense of berserks traveling the sea to raid on their longboats, it’s just so darn cool

where’s your sense of balance?


It is unbalanced as all heck, which is when people remember this is a gam, and games have to be fair to all players.

Then just give it the ability to garrison without increasing arrows

An attack ship with transport ability would be OP, Viking would literally never make Transports, which are disigned to occupy pop so you do not have so many military ships.

It could be a nice unit for a future civ, one that lacks Galleons, Fast Fireship and Bracer.

What about the koreans which lack demo ships and have a fairly hard to mass powerhouse in the turtle ship, could justify 10-15 pop space garrisoning potential and possibly even a healing mechanic

No. They have FU Galleon and Fire Galley, while also havingf the best Ship in the game.

Which happens to be harder to mass than prior buff cataphracts - arguably that title belongs to spanish canon gals seen in any small body of water on land maps when the opportunity arises on black forest no less and are much easier to mass with greater speed and move-ability

you aren’t supposed to mass turtle ships though, they are insanely tanky, you use a couple of them to soak damage and watch the rest of your fleet walk away relatively unscathed.

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Which would make the way to buff them to be to add value rather than to make it easier to mass.

why do turtle ships need buffs? they already perform their role exceedingly well. viper puts them on the b tier, with such units as the arambai, jannisary, kipchak, and woad raider.

ergo, the unit is fine.

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Because of the high cost they are rarely seen in games where the resources are limited and if anything seen moreso in diplomacy maps - giving them more value will give more instances where players will see it as worth the high cost to maybe get 5 of them

not every unit can be seen in every game, but frankly, water play is incredibly niche as is, so of course you don’t see them that much. maps with significant water play see less then 3% of ALL games played


True, water maps are rare when black forest and arabia are the two most popular and with players like fatslob, you know people can be entertained by the same settings for years in this game, so unless a new map comes out that really draws the playerbase, it’s not likely to change anytime soon - tho we do have the tools to make some really cool quality maps

Why on earth would be a good thing to buff vikings on water ?


I would suggest the contrary, just for fun:
berserks can transport drakkans on land.

Historically accurate.

(just joking)


Viking infantry needs a buff or a cost decrease or free upgrades.

They are freaking vikings, they shoud be S+ tier on infantry…