Villagers standing next to resources without collecting them

Game Version:

  • Build 35199
  • Steam version


Villagers frequently stand next to a resource, as if there wasn’t any space for them to collect it, even when it is clear that they have access to it.
It is common for a hunter to stand idly behind another hunter extracting food from a gazelle, don’t moving around to collect the food from the other side. As with the first example, there is plenty space for him to do so.
This is also a problem with fisherman. The player need to conduct the villager manually to a position from where he can catch the fish, when there is already space for him to do so by himself.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Order two or more villagers to extract a resource, primarily stone, gold, food from gazelles and fishes, and observe their behavior.


It also happens to me often and is very irritating especially in the early ages of the game.:unamused:


I knew this was a bug too!! Will add it to the list including a link to this thread.

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When collecting these three resources, they stand there for 2 seconds (at least), and then they continue the gathering. It’s annoying since not even manually it is possible to make them do what they should. The AI takes too much time to adapt to its surroundings and new changes in the environment.

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True fact. Even classic aoe worked at this point.