Visual/apparence/skin for jinetes dragoon

I noticed too yesterday that guard dragoons look same like veteran dragoons when I upgraded during campaign game.


I noticed that jinetes’ shipments from Japanese consulate have correct appearance. So the problem seems to occur while playing just with the Portugueses.

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This bug still occurs . Any news about tracking?? By the way, the Japanese Jinete appearance is correct.

I think that Royal Guard German and French skimirshers have an unique skin

Update 02/01/2021

I noticed this bug also apply to dragoon guard (e.g. french guard dragoon). However for a reason unknown, french imperial dragoon receive the correct apparence.

This happens to quite a few units but has not attracted much attention. Several royal guard upgrades have unchanged or slightly different models (barely noticeable coloring differences, etc. from the regular one). I wonder if this is a mistake, or the remain of some unfinished work.

Meanwhile, some units have four models, like Crossbowmen and Caroleans. I feel like the devs intended to do this to several units but did not finish.


Devs please mark this. It has been there for so long.

I think we should make a new tread in the bug report section to remind this bug

This really drives me mad. The correct model already exists in the game as shown in this thread so devs don’t have to create it, they just have to copy and paste, I guess. Jeez!

The funnier, is that this problem used to exist for the ruyter, and it was fixed in the definitive edition.

Please, track this one. Why the visual appearance is so underrated? :weary:

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Another update, bug still unsolved. It’s a joke?

Anyone tracking this?

I can confirm this is being tracked.


Great to hear that. Thanks!
Just to mention this also applies to quite a few other units.

I appreciate you took the time to post here to confirm that this bug is being tracked. I know there are probably more urgent bug to fix in the game (like units getting stucked in trading post), but this bug has been here since the release of the definitive edition. Guard dragoon used to be magnificient looking napoleonic-era units, and they looked very good with guard cassadores, another unit with a napoleonic look. I will wait eagerly for this bug to be fixed !

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The bug is still unsolved in the last update (26865).

What about this bug? Does anyone has some good news about it?

Try posting it on the public preview forum: Steam :: Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition :: Now Available: The Age III DE Public Update Preview (PUP) Program

Ok, skirmishers are solved. What about jinetes? Is the bug still tracked?