Voices of Babylon Campaign update- Holy Man Findings

So I thought you guys would like to know the progress I’ve been making on this one. I’ve managed to get out the original AI and PER files for the scenario and even been testing the original in editor. In the orginal, there is a 10 minute delay before red will come attack. Red was changed from the Egyptians to the Sumerians and it is manageable if you follow the advice for the original one. When I set up the new one with the old files and leave it at Sumerians, there is no change and you get slammed, but if I change to the Egyptians then they do not do anything. I am guessing because it’s keyed to the Sumerians in the PER file. One thing about the Egytians on the old map, eventhough it is disabled in the PER file, is that the DE version is letting them research Monotheism, so they can covert your priest and buildings. So the question becomes would you rather have the old version on the new map or the new version with the old settings or something in between? I am still testing it with a combination of settings and trying out new per files to find something hopefully in the middle. I also fixed the one berry bush no one can gather from. I will complete out the rest of the campaign when this one is settled. What else needs to be fixed?


AHAHAHA I have struck the balance. So on testing only I have it working nicely through the difficulty levels almost the same as playing the 1997 version. I kept the Sumerians and the new map. I fixed the one berry bush that was on top of the other. You have 10 minutes game time before they will attack you. The villagers no longer beat you to death when you first start converting unless you change diplomacy before you convert, but if you start taking out yellow or convert a red player before the 10 minutes are up, they will come after you. If you get to the gold pile where you started from you will have enough gold for upgrades and units. So far I haven’t had a resignation, but this was all through the test editor. I am going to play it like a normal campaign and let you guys know and then I’ll post it for you to try.

Ok it’s posted. Let me know as I know you guys have different playing styles than me.

Holy Man Reverted

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It is appreciated, all contribution is good. :+1:
Although that scenario was not difficult for me, if you rush to take the yellow village and block the river with walls. I think “Lord of The Euphrates” was much more difficult.

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I know I still have a lot of work to go on this and will keep at it when I can. I actually got work and am booked until after the New Year, but I promise to work on it when I can. In the meantime let me know what you would like to be tweaked.

I used the example “Lord of the Euphrates” because it seems more challenging, for someone of my level neither of the two in maximum difficulty stopped me. I love the few difficult scenarios among all the campaigns. Another very difficult one is The Revolt of Spartacus, where the ally offers no resistance. I would tell you that they are fine, but maybe Lord of the Euphrates is very difficult for a newbie, since the difficulty level is much higher than other scenarios.

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Great job! I would prefer the old AI behavior on the new map, which it seems you chose :slight_smile:

Could you please share the tool, how you extracted the old AI and per files from the original campaign missions? That would be great :slight_smile:

It was a combination actually. I used Campaign Manager 3 to extract the campaign and then saved it as an expansion scenario file. Then I used Trigger Studio to extract the ai and per files. Unfortunately that doesn’t work on the DE files and I am still trying to figure that one out. The compression is the problem there and for some reason genie is not parsing the files right, so I am still working on it. Both of those can be found over at Heaven Games.


Thank you again! You helped me very often the past few weeks :slight_smile: