Volunteer translation fixers!

I want to make a small proposal. I’m seeing so many translation problems (in Italian one… most of bug reports are mine); could we volunteer in fixing them?

It could be a way to give a concrete contribution… so we can say: “I have taken part to the creation of a masterpiece”.

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I am curious to what you mistakes you noticed

Here’s the full list. Most (but not all) of them have been found by myself.

Welp, technically it would be super duper cool, because there is so much work to do in all languages, but since the errors got there in the first place, I guess right now the team hasn’t enough translators… Which means that they would have a hard time checking that some random troll didn’t take advantage of that to slip in bs. They can’t afford to trust some anonymous dudes over the Internet like that.


You always have an option to upload a string/text mod that fixes the mistakes. Interested people can make use of it.

A mod cannot be used, for example it cannot fix button labels. So, the only way is going on with error reporting and wait…

Perhaps, they are waiting for reporting of all translation errors before starting fixing them, in order to have the full list. But there are so many features to be playtested, so it can take years to complete. Also, it’s almost impossible playtesting all trigger messages, if you don’t know which trigger fires at which condition.

Ohh, even the button labels are bugged??? I didn’t knew that.
I thought there might be slight errors here and there.
If it is, then you are right, it should be officially fixed…