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What? Gone where? Where did they go?

NOOO poor malay

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I mean their kingdoms were long gone. Only Sassanids were around for early medieval but if the entire medieval era is 10 centuries Sassanids existed for a bit less than 2 centuries. Persians were under sovereignity of first Arabs then various Turko-Mongol kingdoms up until 20th century Reza Shah Pahlawi. There were some small kingdoms here and there but they were like just small breaks before the next conqueror I mean they could get added but I just think if there are 10 civs, they shouldnt waste it. Saracens already cover them(Abbasid state institutions were for the most part continual of Persian Sassanid state institutions).

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Shocked Goths arent higher


Iroquois, dont fit the timeline.

I hope its a joke, but you know Candians werent a thing yet?

well i’d like to see Wallachia in there but oh well…

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I would like to see the swiss a civ they could be so good. they were relevant in the middle Ages they fought against the habsburgs and won.

Janissary in turkish “Yeni çeri” means “New Çeri” çeri being a turkish military unit. And they were not turkish by origin? that is nonsense. It is true that there are a lot more units such as alp, kemankesh, sipahi etc. But there is nothing wrong with janisarry being above these because historically they had most impact and they were elite units. And the conquest of constantinople (1453) was the main reason historians considered it the end of medieval period. So why not include the empire that has directly/indirectly ended the medieval period? When it comes to use of gun powder it is true that first ottoman encounter with gun powder was in the battle of varna, which they quickly adapted and used it in the conquest of constantinople (1453 - By the end of medieval era). Nothing is wrong about picturing janissaries with them. Janissaries were composite units that were trained to use variety of weapons, which mainly includes sword, bow, rifle.

Conversion of turks started in 751. And first muslim turkish empire was karahanlılar (840). I guess i answered all that. So now over all these I still feel the need to stress that the new game doesn’t have to be covered around one era. It could partially take place in early renaissance era. So the game for turks could start in a period where your units are alp, çeri, kemankesh and develop to akinci, sipahi, janissary with sword and bow when they age up. I would also be excited to be able to have a technology upgrade to equip janissary with rifle or they could equip rifle with the age up. Oh by the way ottomans relied on cavalry pretty much. Their most numbered units were sipahis, which is a heavy cavalry unit.

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Could be taken out of context by me but the Janisarries were mostly from the balkan and thus not all Turks. Janisarries were mostly taken from Christians and Orthodox from Inside the empire from young age, and not moslims because that was against the law to ‘enslave’ moslim people, but i do think you know this already so i wont continue in that.

In the time period of AoE IV they were part of the Holy Roman Empire.

they broke of in ca. 1500

No they broke off in the treaty of whestphalia which was signed in 1648, which falls outside the time period of the game.

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