[Vote] Dawn of the Dukes most anticipate civs

Vote for the civ you REALLY want to see in the dlc “Dawn of the Dukes” . Its just for fun but maybe it gives a hint to the devs or some modders what people want from East Europe

  • Albanians
  • Armenians
  • Bohemians
  • Croats
  • Georgians
  • Finns
  • Poles
  • Serbs

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According to the rumours Georgians and Bohemians will be the new civs.


At least no Hussar civ.

Man, we have enough Hussar civs!


I wanted to vote for none, but it is not available in the poll :frowning:

I know they will add two new civs with the DLC, but i do think we already have any civs currently. So i want to give the devs a hint about my opinion, i cant even vote.


Georgians will be another Paladin civ, but it is fine.

I imagine Light Cav+Paladin+Non-Heavy Camel Stable.

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Good God, NO!
We have enough Paladin civs as it is. It really is an annoying unit to deal with, at this point.


Yes more paladin civs with powerful ones to already punish that Overrated Frankish paladin is a big plus to me.
and Fingers crossed to self regen Paladins


We will get Paladin civs after that too: Tibeans and Jurchens.

Or: Cavalry attack 5/10/15% faster as a civ bonus which wouldn’t be a copy of Bulgarians imo.

Paladins are still one of the least common units in the game in terms of avaibility

And Georgians have to be a cavalry civ :woman_shrugging:

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This is true… there are already many civs that never get use because they’re just not worth picking. But at least if they’re gonna add new civs, I hope they’ll add interesting ones.

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and there are less and less potential Paladin civs: Jurchens, Tibetans, Armenians, Hausa(Or Kanembu) and some sub civilizations while you can easily add more Archer or Infantry civs.

Maybe because this is a poll about what you think will be in the new expansion and not what civs you want. There is a difference


Serbia could be Heavy Infantry civ!

Well its confirmed that civs are going to be added… so no cant be an option


Currently we don’t have a civ that gets FU paladin except blast furnace or plate barding so I think there is room for a civ that gets such a paladin.

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Yes we do, Spanish and Lithuanians.

Both these civs get blast furnace and plate barding armour?

Yes, they are FU.
Is that not what you asked, for civs with FU Paladins?

No I’m just saying there is probably room for a civ that gets all upgrades except blast furnace or all of them except plate barding armour. So it would be like Celt/Byzantines but with bloodlines. Or heck they could reintroduce a civ that gets paladins without husbandry and without bonus.


I did some research into the Burgundians, and one of the greatest battles of that era was the battle with the Swiss heavy pike army that decimated the Burgundian armies with their tightly packed phalanx of pikemen. Seems almost a crime not to include them. Also the poles who created the Hussar, how are they going to get overlooked. And the fact that there is no Cossak unique unit really grinds my gears.