VOTE for the Top 2 of the August AoE3 DE Eye Candy Screenshot Contest Submissions!

Hi Everyone, we had an awesome screenshot submission thread here: Screenshot Contest

There were 93 amazing entries. Thanks everyone for participating! As the host of this contest, I have decided to pick all the images that received 15 or more “Likes”, by September 1st. I also added a few images which got 14 likes but were posted at the end of the thread. I think if they were posted earlier in the month they would have easily got 15 or more. Click here to view the highest quality version of all the images!

So now it’s time to to vote for the best screenshots! You have ten dots to vote with in total-- 5 to spend on poll 1, and 5 to spend on poll 2. DO NOT TRY TO RATE ALL THE IMAGES! Just spend your dots on the pictures you think are the very best.

Click here for poll 1 (images 1-19)!

Click here for poll 2 (images 20-38)!

The images are divided into two groups. You must vote on both groups. When the winner of each poll is determined, we will hold a final match to see which is the best screenshot of all!

The way voting works is with a “dot” system. When you view the poll, you have 5 dots to assign. You can either give all 5 to 1 image, or 1 dot to 5 images. Or you can give 3 to 1, 2 to another, etc. The choice is yours! The image with the most dots from each poll will be the winner.

Voting will be open for 1 week. On Wednesday, September 8th, I will announce the top 2 images! Then, if people are into it, we can vote for the absolute best image from those.

Thanks again to everyone who participated!


why are twice as many people voting on the first poll as the second one? you have to vote on both!

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If the trend continues, it may be better to divide it into 2 rounds.

Looks like you can see how many people voted in each, so maybe you could normalize it in the end by taking the number of votes and dividing by the number of people who voted in each poll?

its a bit annoying i can only place 5 dots, i started out thinking i should rate all of them untill i ran out of dots.

the idea is that you have to pick the best ones.

lol, i just edited the post to switch the order of the polls, so now it’s evened out. I guess people just click the first link they see, vote, and then leave

Switch each 6 hrs/ 12 hrs

You’re right. There are many good catches that were ignored because they were last.


oh you flatter me. but there were posts after that one which exceeded the 15 likes requirement

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This thread could be pinned really @moderators

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this is a proof of concept. if it goes well (and I think it has) maybe next time we do it, we could get the mods to pin it

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Thank you for doing this! I have loved the screenshot contest!

Is it possible to hide the current scores with poll unit until the end of the poll? Currently I can see which one is winning and what people are voting for. I think the results should be hidden until the very end. Otherwise people’s opinions will be influenced by what is most popular.

Yea I noticed this. I can’t fix it as far as I can tell. There’s still 4 days left though, so just vote for which images you think are best and it might add up!

The poll seems to be limited to 40 people max.

what do you mean, is it not possible to vote anymore? tbh next time I’m just gonna make a new thread here and post all the top qualifying images as separate posts so people can vote on them by giving them likes, probably way easier

It says the limit of the voters was reached in poll 1, it is probably a setting that you can change in your account or when creating the poll.

Yeah limit reached so people cannot vote anymore.

allright, well, im just gonna call the voting finished then! it was an imperfect attempt, I think next time we can just post the images in a thread here on the forums and go by Like counts.

Poll 2 still has 4 people that can vote on it but i don’t think the results are gonna change.