🗳 VOTE NOW! 1v1 Ranked Map Rotation - July 14

My personal preference would be MegaRandom, Golden Swamp and Acropolis but out of tactical reasons I hate to vote for Acropolis, Cenotes and Serengeti because almost no one voted for these…

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It would be nice if we can go for list voting next time (like all true democracies) so we don’t have to do tactical voting. I could not vote for my favourite maps in this because they had no chance to win and this distorts the results.

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You meant some kind of hidden voting? So you just can vote for 3 maps, but you cant see the result and you just cant vote tactically.

This explains it better then I can.

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A nomad option is a must.

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Same for me. Why would they take that away.

i like the randomness of megarandom

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Remove the extra hunt in serengeti so it doesn’t become mongol mirror 90% of the time (in case both players don’t agree on random civs)


I didn’t vote tactically, but I agree with the gist of your point.

I think they could go even further than list voting though. It depends on what you want to achieve. If you pick the maps which got the most votes, you risk a dictatorship of the majority.

I think a particular strength of the map pool is to pick a small set of niche maps and push all players who like niche maps to play those particular niche maps for a month / two weeks. (And it also enables anyone who enjoys those niche maps in particular to join in.) This allows people to play niche maps with a small waiting time, which otherwise wouldn’t be possible.
This only works if there are at least some niche maps in the map pool.

One other concern I’d have with this vote is that it appears to bo only on ageofempires.com? At least I haven’t seen it anywhere else. In particular it would be nice if anyone who played in the ranked ladder got an easy opportunity to vote, in-game. (You can’t expect everyone to visit a forum online.) There were about 36000 players on the ranked ladder this month, and about 1700 people voted for maps, last time I checked.

Not to be too picky though, I’m glad the devs organised a vote. Any kind of vote weeds out the worst maps. And the voting process can still improve :slight_smile:

But then there is just too little food on the map to go for early aggression. The extra deer sort of replaces the fact that there’s only one boar.

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There is a message at steam. It says that there is a challenge event to vote for the ranked maps rotation. So players at Steam will know you can vote.

Still you have to make sure to access this forum. That is not a simple task. Getting on this forum was pretty hard i have to say. It was terrible. In the end i somehow had an account (still dont know what did the job), but i couldnt pick a user name. The forum had decide this for me. I still dont know why. I really have no idea why the devs decided to make it so hard to register at this forum.

So in the end there are players that want to vote, but just cant access this forum and this dont vote. Ingame voting seems like a pretty good solution to me.

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City of Lakes please :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I would love to have hamburger in the 1v1 map pool :slight_smile:

No, it’s not. Even with a lot of fixes, it’s still a map with too much randomness to be suitable for a ranked play and it’s probably getting banned by players most of the time anyway. I even stopped banning it myself and still don’t remember playing it.

But don’t worry, it will sure be an option for next rotations.

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This UX tho :laughing: Can we make it so that the percentage number actually corresponds to the percentage bar next to it?

Why don’t you list “valley” for the poll?

It is really fun in 1on1 game!

Fun Mongol Mirror…

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Seems like we get golden pit next month again. I dont really like that map.

Maybe we will see that map next month in the poll?

Yeah I hope “updated” means they make it less wallable. But since it was updated based on pro-feedback there are good chances for that I guess. Let’s see.

Thanks for taking the time to make your voice heard, everyone! We’ve locked the final choices in for the upcoming map pool rotation this Tuesday! Keep your eyes open for a new poll as we get closer to the next rotation; we’ll be sure to announce it on our official channels!