🗳 VOTE NOW! 1v1 Ranked Map Rotation - October 05

It’s that time for you to weigh in on the maps you want to see in the next 1v1 Ranked Map Pool! Here are FOUR of the SEVEN (total) maps that will be showing up in the next map pool update:

Example_1 Example_2 Example_3 Example_4

Now it’s your turn to vote for the THREE (3) maps that you’d like to see join the pool. Of the options below, the three that receive the most votes by Sunday will be added to the map pool next week!

:white_check_mark: VOTING ENDS: 2021-10-03T19:00:00Z

:arrows_counterclockwise: NEW MAP ROTATION: October 05


Vote for your 3 favorite maps! Don’t forget to click the ‘Vote now!’ button at the bottom of the post once you’ve locked in your choices.

  • Choice_1 Acropolis
  • Choice_2 Baltic
  • Choice_3 Ghost Lake
  • Choice_4 Golden Swamp
  • Choice_5 Ravines
  • Choice_6 Ring Fortress
  • Choice_7 Scandinavia
  • Choice_8 Socotra
  • Choice_9 Steppe

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Thanks for participating in this week’s poll! :white_circle::black_circle:


I’m surprised that a map as popular as Nomad does not warrant a vote each week. People continue to enjoy it so I do not understand why it can not be placed on the ballot.


Totally agree, they must be listening too much to the likes of Nili who call Nomad “not competitive enough” on stream. Instead they should care more about what people like to play.


I find that nomad would do well in the ranked lobby system like death match or in another queue altogether

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If you guys like Nomad that doesn’t mean “Nomad is popular”. You’re not “people”, you’re just 2 persons. Stop yelling in every RM vote. If you want play Nomad you can always play custom games.


Not even having runestones on the poll is heartbreaking. The new arabia is just too open.


What you are saying is just flat out incorrect. There is a large and active Nomad community in DE. It isnt just 2 guys at all.

Nomad in TG is the 3rd most played map. This even though it is not in every map pool (nobody knows why). Take a look at the current TG Map Voting - Nomad gets in every time bro.

What FifthBubbles and Collllllin are saying is simply that its surprising that we dont have the option to more often vote for Nomad in 1vs1 also. Since its clearly a popular map. Every time it is an option in 1vs1 pool then it has been successfully voted in…


Same applies for Hideout and Four Lakes actually. Not saying that Nomad isn’t popular, but there are a few other maps that also have a solid fanbase…


Nomad is a separate game-mode like empire wars or death match - etc / it simply has maps made for it. Put it into the ranked lobby system or give it its own queue.


Hopefully this means the new patch is coming before the rotation / they’re fixing Arabia

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I’m 2k 1v1, it is impossible to seriously play an lobby game at this level. We either need ranked lobby or Nomad as a fixed map.

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Nomad should surely warrant a permanent place in the map pool. Surely you pretty much cater to every player’s preferences if your permanent maps are arabia, arena, nomad, islands?


Nomad was never popular in 1v1s

you are half of

what a silly thing to say.

Nice manipulation attempt. The fact that you’re 2K doesn’t mean Nomad is popular.
And if it’s not popular no reason to add it as permanent map.

Official statistics clearly shows that your popular map is not so popular. 4 other maps are more popular despite being non permanent maps too.

Yeah, Nomad is the most popular map on team games (after Arabia and Arena), but not so much on 1v1, as you can indeed see since you have selected Tiny. (Still, its stats are not bad.)

I think Nomad should just replace Black Forest as a permanent map in the team map pool and that’s it.

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Really funny that you talk about manipulation and then show meaningless stats. As Mercy9545 said, Nomad is the 3rd most popular map in TG.

Arabia 27.11%

Arena 20.50%

Nomad 13.93%

Black Forest 8.73%

The whole point that people are trying to make here is that Nomad 1vs1 would be played a lot more, but its barely ever an option to be voted for. Every time it is available then its get voted in. Therefore its a miracle that its made it to even 7th most popular on 1vs1, because its only available once every 5 or 6 rotations.


Yes Socotra is back!!! Only way this could have been better would be 4 lakes as well

why does ghost lake have 44%? I would expect it somewhere below 5, it’s just bad map…can someone tell me why they voted for it?