🗳 VOTE NOW! 1v1 Ranked Map Rotation - October 06

And never play Nile Delta or Yucatan again? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

People voting for the closed/defensive maps… disgusting… didnt they have enough when almost everyone I played against converted golden swamp into arena…


Nile Delta? Is that a joke?


Why does the picture show water on Fortress? When I look at the map with the scenario editor, I never see any water.

Well they still could be played once in a while, but only if voted in in the weekly rotation.

In fact I think there would be more “crazy” maps voted into the map selection as right now maps like Hideout “soak up” votes.

Like, for example, right know:
I, and many other people, have voted for Hideout because I think it is an interesting map that has a meta that is competitive, but distinctly different from Arabia and Arena.

The problem:
Every time Hideout is in the mappool -> it gets voted in.
So in the end, we are not really voting on 3 maps. We are voting on 2 (because Hideout, like always, will definitely get in).

If Hideout was on a permanent two week in and out rotation we would not have that problem…

People also would not complain about the Devs putting in maps like Nile Delta as a map like that could only be voted in by the players…

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On a more serious note, Islands and MegaRandom would never be voted in, which I would really really mind. Nile Delta and Yucatan are novelty maps which would be fun to see for 2 weeks, but Islands and MegaRandom have a lot of replayability.

We need a voting system which ensures that the maps prefered by 70% of players don’t constitute 100% of the maps. Vote-inspired dev picks do the job.
I’m pretty sure Nile Delta is only a dev pick because in the last vote it got 4th place with 35% of the votes 🗳 VOTE NOW! 1v1 Ranked Map Rotation - September 22

A voting system with different categories, where players pick 1 map from each category could do the job.
A voting system where votes carry over between cycles could do the job.
But both of those require more work from the devs.
The system you proposed does not do the job. 30% of players (or more) would be marginalised.

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Which dev voted for Nile Delta as pick for the devs? Can he be kicked? :laughing:


Nice to see a new closed map: Fortress

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I really think there shouldn’t be more than 2 closed maps on the 1v1 map pool


Well, there will be Hideout, Fortress and Arena.
If you ban all Maps but those 3 and Nile Delta you will have a 99% chance to get a closed map :smiley:

If you ban Hideout, Fortress and Arena you will have a 100% chance to get an open map…

Socotra is back, nice! Just really hope Yucatan won’t get in instead. No idea why anyone would want to play this map^^

True but tbh these days it’s fairly easy to almost exclusively play arabia if you want to so I think it’s not that big of an issue anymore.


Why? map pool should include variety.
I think 3 open land map, 1 hybrid map, 1 pure water map, 2 closed map is good for balance of open/closed/water map on map pool


I totally agree and as I said 2 closed maps is fine

Can’t say I’m too excited to pick from those 9 maps.

When we the devs include big tournament maps into the map pool, or at least in the voting?


For that the Devs would have to create a new map tab “1v1 competitive maps” as many of them were designed for 1v1 games only and can therefore not be included in the mappool.
Also some competitive maps have fixed starting positions for the TCs. That is also something the Devs never put into the standard mappool…

Its looking pretty grim for an old Arabia like map. Please people, vote for Yucatan so we don’t end up with Socotra!


Do we really want Arena 3x in the map pool? Arena, Hide Out and Fortress are all kind of the same :laughing:
I’ll need more than 3 bans, since Nile Delta is also crap.

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The reason why Arabia has a 60% playrate is because Arabia is life and everything else is potatoe. Arabia would have a 60% playrate even with 20 maps constantly in the map pool, just because 60% of players wish to play Arabia only. Especially since they made it slightly more open and more consistent last patch.


Not exactly though. It’s a LOT easier to play very agressive on Hideout. There’s a lot of feudal rushes, towerrushes and a way easier time to push with mangonels there.