VOTE NOW on the 5 Fall-Winter 2023 Screenshot Contest Finalists!

We had another great screenshot contest over the Winter, which you can see here: Let's Do It Again: The Fall-Winter 2023 Screenshot Contest - #89 by squamiger8043

As is tradition, now it’s time to VOTE on the top five finalists! These finalist images were selected because they had the highest Like counts in the original thread. This thread will stay open for 2 weeks, during which time you should feel free to like the posts with the screenshots you think are the best. At the end of 2 weeks (May 11th), the post with the most votes will be declared the winner!

Thanks everyone for participating!

now, presenting, the finalist images:

“Discovery in the Alps”, by yours truly, Squamiger


Two bersaglieri ascend a ridge as dusky light casts shadows on distant mountain walls. A strange gatehouse protruding from a face of solid granite comes into view. What have they stumbled upon? Clever composition with depth using foreground, midground, and background distinguish this image.


Off Into the Sunset, by @MissionLemur128


A lone ranger gazes into the sunset on a trusty steed, while a campfire smoulders behind him. Towering mesas give way to the brilliant orange and pink streaks in the sunset, and distant cabins puff smoke along a ridge. Vibrant colors and an enchanting use of the sky background make this image stand out.


January 23rd, 1795: Capture of the Dutch Fleet at Den Helder, by @ResultedRex9901


as a bonus, another user added a sky background to this scene, for your consideration:

This image captures a dramatic scene, as cavalry gingerly cross ice sheets to support artillery firing on stymied frigates that lie askew and, possibly, unmanned. This image is striking for its ingenious use of large ships out of their usual context. Clever composition portrays the fleet in a state of disarray and collapse, and the diversity of cavalry types used makes the approaching army appear realistic and in motion.


Police Headquarters, by @Phoenixbursche0


Bright, royal blues and clever lighting effects make this image stand out. The symmetrical arrangements of trees, lampposts, and pillars create the impression of order and power. The sky background and buildings to the left and right hint at a broader urban landscape just out of view.


Brunswick, by @RafaSheep

This image is a great example of how to compose a compelling scene using only very basic Vanilla AoE3 embellishment assets. The cliffs give way to a sand dune, which slopes into the brown-green sea in a way that looks very naturalistic. The dock looks quaint and functional, and the village on the cliff looks cozy and inviting.


I think it’s from John Black’s campaign.


yeah i think as well. The redcoats also have same votes, i would have put an extra contestant, if their works got the same vote.

They didn’t have the same score when I went through and selected. It’s not a perfect system

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Oh I see, it is still a fair system :slight_smile: My waterfalls didn’t make it through :frowning:

I will soon publish a mod that adds all the homecity skyboxes in the scenario editor



I published the mod that lets you add additional skyboxes

Additional SkyBox - Mods - Age of Empires

If you can link maybe in the starting thread of the the next contest.

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There are already wormholes in the game. They are called Commandery.

Commandery explained

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It looks like the intro to Doctor Who XD

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Post it in memes

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Time for a new screenshot contest