🗳 VOTE NOW! Team Game Ranked Map Rotation - August 11th

I’m sorry, but what good is this map pool if 2 out of 3 games still have drops in 4v4 ranked TG? I’ve uninstalled after last patch because it kept happening. I wanted to give it another chance this time. But this is so frustrating. I cannot tolerate this any longer. This needed a fix months ago and apparently no one cares about this situation. I’ll uninstall again and I’m not sure if I’m coming back.

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I don’t get why Black Forest is still in the default pool when I cannot have 1 game of it out of 30


The maps are a bit boring again in my opinion; why can’t we vote for something more fun? - I would like to have the option to vote for some really new or crazy maps, like Beduins, Atzlan (both are very fun to play) or the maps from the BoA-tournament!


A little bit fun in this ugly world

Socotraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3

■■■■ no, water balanced is currently the trash triangle but Demos are basically Pikes with 10 HP

Water balance is fine. You just need a litle micro. Anyway, youcan always use a ban if you don’t like it

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I can’t believe we’re getting Lombardia again. Another fortnight without a water map in, banning BF and Megaradom

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Can we have a Team Game Pool of Random Civilization game option for all players?

I totally agree with you. :+1:

If we make BF and MR poll options, I am sure they won’t be picked. The devs just don’t dare to face the truth.

MR has never existed in the Full random map in the original game and BF was removed from the Full random map in patch 1.0b by the designers of ENSEMBLE STUDIOS. This is the evidence that they are not designed for competitive play!

The current biased devs would rather keep their beloved BF and MR which are actually not suitable for any ranked mode in the pool, than face the fact that naval civs and units are indispensable part of this game. What a shame! :face_vomiting:

p.s. Stop bringing Lombardia in the next poll. This map is ok but it needs to take a rest! :zzz:

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Just a friendly reminder to the people who vote for Socotra because of the water: it is a pure Land map.

As much as I don’t like bf, that’s not true. For a long time it was used in tournaments and was chosen a lot of times by Finland as home map

Anyone can hold a tournament, but removing BF is the decision made by the original creators who create the game and design the basic game balance.

The fact you (and me) don’t like the map doesn’t mean it’s not competitive.
Plus, consider the fact that people are voting for socotra, which is one of the least competitive map in the entire game

  1. This map must be played on explored.
  2. This map almost kills all the aggressive strategies before imp.
  3. This map was removed by the TRUE designers who designed the game balance.

Is it not sufficient to prove this map is not suitable for ranked play?

Nope. What the original devs did means little, the game has changed a lot

Voting socotra lmaoooo

From my experience since the “preferred” map system was introduced, about 80% of games are either Arabia or Arena.

IMO, apart from these 2 maps, everything else should be votable.

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So, I made a poll about fixed maps:

I would Like everyone to vote, in order to determine as preciselly as possible witch maps people do like ti be fixed maps

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