🗳 VOTE NOW! Team Game Ranked Map Rotation - July 28

If we would have a rotation without Arabia at all, it would upset a lot of pros/streamers, which would be quite harmful for the community, although they only represent a small fraction of it. Therefore I think to have at least the maps with a big community, the very least arabia, always in the rotation is a good thing. They could give us more options in influencing the map pool, but Arabia always being there should be the case.

I think I’ve only played Arabia in 1v1, and oasis in team games this go around.

PLease make it so we can vote in client

Yes, voting is likely not representative of the actual population playing currently; please make voting something that can be completed in client without registering for yet another account.

That said, NOMADs!

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why do you think about that

Son horribles los mapas mas votados siempre, los votos de los players +1500 y +2500 deberían valer el doble

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I think 1 full water map should be always in the map pool, but no more than 1.

Scandinavia :nauseated_face::face_vomiting::face_vomiting: mongol-dinavia

Add lombardia instead!

Its a very cool map!

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One full water map will be sufficient but we currently have 0! :sob:


How is oasis so popular? It’s such an awful map and so heavily skewed to favour arranged teams over random teams. Auto ban for me.

It’s because it’s a “closed” map, which makes it easier for people to play since they have less to think about. Similar to black forest, and I imagine a lot of people who like that map also vote for oasis. All you have to do to defend yourself/team is to make 2 walls on either side, and then spend the rest of the game booming.

But yeah, it’s another terrible map.


Ah yeah makes sense. So i guess we’ll have arena, BF and oasis then for them…

I always hear Oasis is easy to wall, but i also hope i dont have to wall, because it it mostly pretty huge to wall. I always hope to be pocket on that map. But i feel everyone want to be pocket. In most team games, before everyone is loaded, some players already claimed pocket position…

Oasis is fun. Don’t hate on it. (:

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Still haven’t even played ghost lake and only played mongolia once in this map rotation currently. :frowning: . I wish they get rid of arena; so boring !

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lol i don’t even build walls in oasis. Maybe partially, but i just build military instead. people act like it’s obligatory to build walls. Its very easy to get around those walls w/ an onager in late game

please no lol. I had to ban lombardia, teammates steal my cows and boarz

Yes but it allows people who haven’t played the game much to boom in peace until late game.

Walling with buildings is also walling in my opinion. I also prefer the wall, but i also know i cant trust allies to help me if i get rushed, so i end up walling. In most games the pocket comes forward to stone wall. I dont know why, because there boom will be much worse…