Wall Clipping (Gamebreaking)

I just experienced this on BF where a wall was built on an elevation. Enemy AI attacked the wall but from time to time an enemy unit passed through the (completed, closed) wall! The wall was also placed diagonally if that is important.

This seems like a huge bug.


I had the same bug now twice in a row on arena.
or at least a similar.
my units were walking through enemy unfinished walls.

happened to me as well, and If you look at the top clips of AOE2 streamers happened to them as well, this is truly game breaking.

I have this same bug in campaign.

happend to me as well… in 1 arena game even my deer was going through the wall without getting even pushed by me +.+

Hope this get hotfixed very soon.

At this point, I wish the developers would just roll back the broken update and re-release it once it has been fixed and TESTED.


happening to me as well multiple times, jumped up a cliff even.

I am not sure how to reproduce it. it seems to happen more often if you attack object or click close to it before moving thought it



Thank you all for the report! The team is aware of the issue and has a fix in the works. We hope to get this included in the next build, the ETA of which is yet to be determined.

Thank you again for the report, and for your patience as we work on a solution!


Game Version: 101.101.34699.0

  • Build 4580616

Issue: Units are walking over obstacles like there’s nothing there.

I’ve seen it in two games now. My villagers just walked over a gold ore. I went to raid with scout cav and the enemy was fully walled, yet my scouts managed to simply walk over the stone ores and kill them. These were in a mega random game.
I’ve seen two knights simply walk over a house I used to block the passage in a Black Forest Game.
All on ranked matches. My friend that was with me had the same issue, enemy scouts passed through his lumber camp.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start a game (most likely mega random);
  2. Try to make units walk over gold ores, stone ores, lumber camps or houses (these were the objects I noticed with the bug.
  3. Block other passages, so there is no other way around;

Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.34699.0 4580616
  • Platform: Steam


In Tours historical battle, the enemy calvalry walks through my walls and gates. This happens with both enemy factions (yellow and green) and with both light cavalry and camel units. I have experienced this through the scenario’s pre-built walls and through a gate built by myself (in the screenshot).

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Wait until the enemy armies focus your village.
  2. Put a unit (I experienced it with citizens and with axemen) close to the wall or gate, so that enemy units see and focus it.

In the screenshot, yellow light cavalry walks through my gate. You can see that the gate is blocked, so it cannot have been opened by a roaming citizen.


Just reproduced it. Tours just got a whole lot harder, lol.

I got it to work in a custom scenario, but it only worked in aggressive or defensive stance.
Had eagle scouts walk a straight line and build every kind of building in the way.

The aggressive stance eagle scout often ignored foundations of mills (roughly in 80% of my test), lumber camps(~40%), houses (~90%), 1 tile deep walls (stone and palisade) (~95%), gates, rotated gates (90° to the hole), outposts (~95%) and towers (~95%). With ignore I mean, it walked straight through. Not attacking anything and just walking to its destination.

Both aggressive and defensive stance sometimes glitched through gates, if they tried to attack either the villager behind it or the adjacent gate foundation. In this case they also ignored trees sometimes.

If someone wants the video/scenario of this stuff PM me and I can send it.


Sorry, but not good enough. If you can push out a hotfix to fix somerthing that affects 10% of the player base, you can hotfix something that affects everyone.

Also, as senior software engineer, I ask you to please test your builds properly. 30 minutes in game Vs an AI would have been enough to stop this bug from going out.


Hello friends! This is one of the issues addressed by today’s Hotfix (34793)! We believe this addresses the main offenders, though we are continuing to track and implement fixes for some unit stacking and pathing issues that have also been identified.

Thank you, as always, for your patience!


Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.34699.0 0) (Ingame)
  • Platform (Microsoft Store)


Units such as Men at Arms or Skirmisher can walk through walls and buildings. Noticed this in a ranked game and my units where able to walk through finished buildings such as Palisade Walls and Archery Rangers. when targeting a unit out of range and beeing close to the enemy wall (closed)

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Have the one player finish a wall
  2. take your units and command them to attack an enemy unit behind that wall
  3. he will just walk through there

Notes: in case this should be relevant this was a ranked match me as Vikings my enemy as Mongols on desert Arabia. Please do notice this is apperently not the same as incomplete Palisade bug since I am talking ANY UNIT Through COMPLETED buildings.

sadly no screenshot

Yeah happened 2 times to me today, Also happened to The Viper on one of his youtube videos.