Wallpaper Request Thread: Age III Edition

Hi everyone! Recently there’s been an uptick in requests from the community for wallpapers of several images ranging from Craig Mullins illustrations to things I’ve created for the social media channels.

There are plans to bring back a media page for our website in the future but figured until then I can keep individual threads for each game around and post things as requested if there’s something in particular you’re looking for but can’t find.

Age I thread
Age II thread
Age III thread (you are here!)
Age IV thread
Age of Myth thread

I do not have these at 4k unfortunately since I work off of HD monitors but I’ll work in an upscaled format going forward to accommodate future requests. Enjoy!


Looks amazing! Great Stuff!

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Dear developers, please publish the entire archive of all pre-release screenshots by “Ensemble Studios and Big Huge Games”. They are on the google and in fan kits, but not all of them are in excellent quality. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!


The images are just stunning. Always admired the quality of the still art for this game. Keep 'em coming!

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Love to see a digital artbook so we can support the game further. If there’s an AoE game that can do one justice it’s 3DE.