Wallpaper Request Thread: Age I Edition

Hi everyone! Recently there’s been an uptick in requests from the community for wallpapers of several images ranging from Craig Mullins illustrations to things I’ve created for the social media channels.

There are plans to bring back a media page for our website in the future but figured until then I can keep individual threads for each game around and post things as requested if there’s something in particular you’re looking for but can’t find.

Age I thread (you are here!)
Age II thread
Age III thread
Age IV thread
Age of Myth thread


I would love to have the drawings on the campaign selection screen as wallpapers!

If I remember correctly, the one from the Babylonian campaign was Nebuchadnezzar contemplating the city from a terrace, the Roman one was a standard-bearer covered in a lion coat, and so on!

If you were able to publish them colored, that would be awesome! But I will be grateful anyway if they come black-and-white as they are originally!

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