Wallpaper Request Thread: Age IV Edition

Hi everyone! Recently there’s been an uptick in requests from the community for wallpapers of several images ranging from Craig Mullins illustrations to things I’ve created for the social media channels.

There are plans to bring back a media page for our website in the future but figured until then I can keep individual threads for each game around and post things as requested if there’s something in particular you’re looking for but can’t find.

Age I thread
Age II thread
Age III thread
Age IV thread (you are here!)
Age of Myth thread

We have a LOT for Age IV available in HD, 4K, and Phone sizes, several pieces of which we probably haven’t taken the opportunity to showcase yet so I might just go ahead and dump everything here. In the meantime, request away and I’ll check back.

Edit: Uploads are being troublesome. Looking into this now, sorry!


I think it would be cool if the art below was available in desktop PC resolutions for wallpaper.

I would also like to see the 25th anniversary wallpaper available in the same resolutions.



I’ll grab the civ wallpapers for us today! The blue BG is something we don’t have a file for unfortunately, but it’s something I can try and replicate myself if that works?


Civ Wall!papers:


Awesome! Do you have the rest?

Can you maybe throw them on Google Drive, MEGA or even post on some site like Imgur?

I see ‘4K’ in filenames, but here uploaded graphics are automatically downsized to max FHD.
I’ve been rocking QHD for a few years now, and FHD is not really usable.

4K versions would be awesome and future-proof :slight_smile:
If that’s possible- thanks in advance.


i agree! in full hd it looks way worse as a wallpaper

Could you add an Ottoman poster?