Walls and gates


First off: It took me 3 hours to get register and not sure I can get back in again (3 new accounts + synch - I remember Xbox-Live when we fired up our 360 lots of years ago but that was also the last time.) Maybe this makes me a PC elitist but since this is AOE I dont see the need for it

I have loved the original AOM but was wishing the AI would use walls (only played random maps no multiplayer). Watching the videos on the latest update, this is still not the case and I dont understand why this is

The game could easily have a classic mode and two options for DE: graphical and gameplay (like the change to farms and reseeding) - why cannot the AI be allowed to build walls in the latter?

Gates would be only icing on the top for players, but would help with the implementation for the AI. The concept of AI building walls as well gates has been tested in AOE 2, worked well and has been remade multiple times, why shouldn’t a DE version incorporate it?

Players interested in competitive games or just nostalgia would play classic only and maybe activate the graphical DE option but the rest can enjoy a modern version of the game. I assume there are a lot of us but most are not visible in statistic due to various reasons (no accounts :wink:

I wanted to write this when the game originally came out but didnt muster the time and energy to login but got encouraged since a new update came out, so sorry for the long text: wanted to get this out of me

Otherwise I would be happy to purchase the game (even thouhg I would need to register in the store somehow for that) but currently it does not seem to be a complete package to me (being single player oriented and only playing random maps)


Walls and gates have been debated numerous times here on the forum. The point is when they started to remaster this game they didn’t want to go from scratch or use other version’s engine and they also wanted to stay as close as possible to the original version’s feeling. Still it feels like going back for a lot of people getting into this game. Those people will have to wait for AOE II DE version. The new update does improve a lot I think, but it is also moving AOE DE a little bit further again from it’s original base. So I’m almost sure that the classic MP mode will become available sooner or later to honor the traditional game play.

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Yes I saw some of the improvement (farm passable and reseeding) - these are all great and have been lifted over from AOE 2 I guess

Hence my hope that if some of these elements have been decided to be lifted over to modernise the game, maybe walls will be eventually be built by the AI as well (lifting that logic from AOE 2 as well). There are so many gorgeous walls in this game but building them as the player felt like cheeting after a while

We can also look at this way: why shouldn’t the AI be able to use a feature that is available per default in the game? I suspect this was only due to difficulties in AI scripting back then - but this should not be a problem nowadays and if the game has been rebuilt from scratch

I did enjoy AOE 2 when it came out but don’t care much for the game as the theme of ancient times is just much more interesting tp me. Middle ages is a very narrow (and moody) timeline and I just don’t get that feeling of progressing through the ages like in case of AOE 1

For some people, the theme is already a filter independently of the game mechanics. I aknowledge that AOE 2 was superior in almost every game mechanic but still do not feel I would like to play it due to theme alone. For those who think like this, AOE 2 DE edition is not and alternative to AOE 1 DE. If AOE 1 is not the best it can be it is difficult to get back into it except for nostalgia (or to win new players)

I know a lot of people who feel the same way and I am still hopefull that ancient times will get the same benefits as other “ages” :slight_smile: In the meatime we’ll be waiting out on the TW Rome 2 side :wink:


You also could create custom scenarios or maps where you give the AI a base with beautiful walls. Another improvement is that you can create, use and share custom maps for MP games. But you can use them for your own custom games too.


I agree with you. I would also add a different model for diagonal walls, like AOE 2. It is horrible to build diagonal walls with a row of wall connectors.