Walls and keeps need to be nerfed HARD

i think keeps and stone wall should stay like this and wooden wall needs a nerf also siege units needs to be a little bit cheaper

this is clearly from a 1v1 perspective.

Changes to walls and keeps would have a hugely negative impact on team games, where they are already of limited use.

Walls and keeps are fine, they already took several nerfs, specially keeps this season with the construction speed nerf.
I enjoy playing aggressive a lot, but If they continue to nerf walls it will just make them unusable.
Walls in the later stages of the game melt to siege, palisades are where they should be too, they are there to buy time.


Keep has very high DPS as his attack speed is less than a second so double his damage, lower his stats in the Castle age and bring him back to the Imperial age with a tech

You also know that AoE2 has much higher pop counts, gigantic maps, less drab water, higher-up zoom, and UI buttons using more than one color and two dimensions, too, right? But AoE4 will be AoE4.

I hope AoE4 adopts more of AoE2’s successful strategies so that someday I will buy AoE4, too. Unless and until then, have fun playing AoE4. And I’ll continue to enjoy playing non-AoE4 games

PS: Let’s face it, AoE4 is less fun than AoE2, and is lackluster in several respects. For a 2021 title, it has a ways to go to live up to the year 2021 and beyond. But AoE4 is AoE4, am I right? Once an AoE4, always an AoE4?

but why it has no negative effect on game it does what it meant to does and its very expensive instead nerfing them they need to make the siege units cheaper

Siege and keeps are in a good spot right now.

Maybe feudal age siege feels “weak” or difficult to build due to his price, but I wouldn’t say rams need to be stronger or cheaper, because then you will see people doing a lot of rams in a wood near the base, and then drop them and kill landmarks, while your army kills the enemy villagers.

I’ve saw this strategy a few times in 1v1 in platinum rank, mostly done by chineese, they put the bbq near your base, and start to mass zhu ge nu and spears, while building rams.

By the time you make an army and attack the bbq with your own rams, they have built 8 rams and your landmarks got destroyed. If you focus on kill the siege you lose the army and the villagers, if you focus on kill their army, you lose the landmarks and the game.

Pretty annoying when playing as Abbasid, so no thanks, no more updates that turns the game into another siege fest as a year ago.


in aoe4 there was no need, in the wololo tournament, to start with almost 30 villagers, raise the pace to 1.7 and force the game to end after 50 minutes, so as not to bore the audience

I also see that it is normal for them to make tutorials on how to play taking advantage of bugs in the game

I 100% agree with that statement. Siege is in a great spot right now, I would say keeps and walls already had their fair share of nerfs and are in a good spot too

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reduce the dps of keeps

Well said!

AOE4 does not have micro!
And it is all about macro.
Micro is the main thing that keeps me hooked as I love to control my units and fight efficiently.
Fighting is what I look for, booming is a side hustle, and it must not be the main focus.
This is why AOE 4 is failing so hard. It does not have better micros than its previous AOE2 legendary predecessor.

siege units need to be cheaper its so costly to make them making them a little bit cheaper wont affect to much i guess

bro aoe4 has no difference only at early stage aoe2 archers miss their shot and you can escape mangonel shots i dont see any other difference

Where is “AoE2’s micro” better than in AoE4?

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They’re probably talking about the usual arrow dodging, which has no place in an RTS.

You can also dodge mangonel shots in AoE4. Mangonels just have “ballistics” here unlike AoE2.

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yes you are right its just easier to dodge in aoe2 in aeo2 you can split your forces in to two with formation with that it is easier to doge i wanted to say that

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nah, 1 soldier saved due to miss is a huge difference in a gameplay and it makes AOE2 combat much more intense and crucial and satisfying for the viewers.

AOE4 is just booom and booom, or run away and then attack. It is boring…

From my point of view, the feudal stone walls are really too strong.

There was nothing to be done against a stone wall in feudal age, especially when there were archers guarding on it. Most official games also ban stone walls in feudal times.

I would like to see a modification that gives the stone walls a level upgrade so that the upgraded stone walls can be used by armies to fight on the walls. It also reduces the health of feudal age stone walls and automatically increases the health of castle age walls (such as AOE2).

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What games have you been playing? keeps and walls are so ridiculously easy to destroy with ANY type of anti building siege (rams, trebuchets, mangonels, and bombards) that they are really only useful for getting an alert message on your minimap. Walls need to be BUFFED, not nerfed.

I could possibly see an argument for making stone walls attackable by melee units, but think it would lessen the realism of the game and honestly, if you did introduce it, should be such a minuscule amount of damage that it would always be better to just build a ram.

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